Country Furniture Plans

Country Flair
Country Flair

Country furniture plans are easy to find on the Internet, and making a few key country furniture pieces yourself can help to put an individual stamp on your décor.

Country Style with Homemade Appeal

Country style is all about those homemade touches that make a room unique. Well-crafted wood furniture helps to pull together different elements in your space because wood is a naturally warm, inviting material. When you update a country look with some modern flair, using a wood furniture piece as a focal point helps pull everything together.

Whether you're into primitive, rustic or the funkier modern country styles, your wooden furniture will give you designer impact, even on a tight budget. Of the many furniture styles around, country is one of the most forgiving. Whether a piece is distressed by accident, because something didn't go together just right, or on purpose, it can still make a positive contribution to a cozy country room.

The Modern Country Look

When you set out to create a country look for your living space, it may get confusing. Country can mean different things to different people, and geography has no little part in deciding which country look dominates the back roads. From English cottage to primitive American farmhouse, country can be rustic or refined. It can even be modern, with some classic country flair included, of course.

More and more folks are carving out their own country look by mixing and matching modern and traditional country elements. The result is bolder than the muted colors, checks, and prints you may be used to, with basic blacks, brilliant whites and fire engine reds creating eye-popping interest to wake up that distressed look with color.

If you like country but have other pieces that don't quite match the look, modern country is an eclectic mix of styles that can integrate some of those more modern pieces, showing both cleaner lines and softer, feminine styles to advantage. It's about texture as well as color, and furniture is part of the mix, with pie safes nestled next to minimalist tables and chairs.

The look is a little tongue-in-cheek. For example, modern country will have depictions of barnyard animals too, but they'll be re-imagined to appear more ironical than whimsical. To get the idea, think Alice in Wonderland instead of American Gothic. Lose the daisies, but try some white orchids or living bamboo in their place.

There are some real payoffs here if you put in the work to audition furnishings to see how well they'll balance old and new elements. You'll be able to pull those great furniture pieces out of the garage that never really quite fit into your country décor and see them in a new way. You'll also be able to explore some more daring furniture styles in your woodworking projects than you would tackle otherwise. Just remember to keep the country feel in the forefront and include plenty of personal touches.

If you think that modern country is just too trendy for you, then by all means, stay with the tried and true. The furniture will be the backbone of your room no matter which style you decide on.

Country Furniture Plans

The following list of country furniture plans will give you an idea of the wide variety of country décor woodworking projects available on the web:

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Country Furniture Plans