Free Loft Bed Plans

Comfort and Easy Storage

Free loft bed plans will help you build a cozy bedding solution that has flexibility and style.

Loft Beds - The Basics

Loft beds are the bunk bed's answer to the problem of space and storage. Where traditional bunk beds have dual sleeping arrangements with one bed on top and one on the bottom, loft beds use the space occupied by the bottom bunk for other tasks.

Making Use of Loft Bed Spaces

A bed takes up a lot of area in a room, and liberating that space can open up lots of opportunities. In a child's room, the area can become a study cubbie complete with desk and bookshelves. If closet space is at a premium, the space can become a shoe and clothing storage area. For the dedicated media guru, add a futon and television and you have a mini-media room. For kid's rooms, small spaces and lofts, loft bed arrangements can be the answer to your prayers.

Make Safety a Priority

When contemplating a loft bed project, doing some preliminary strategizing will make the job easier. Loft or bunk bed projects don't have to be involved, but adding safety features is an important consideration and may change the scope of the project you have in mind. Children are hurt and killed every year as a result of falling or getting tangled up in elevated beds, so plan on making your loft bed as child friendly as possible if there are children in your household.

Choose plans with lots of safety features, like sturdy construction, well designed ladders, and above all, rails. The gap in rails or decorative head or footboards should never be wide enough or high enough off the platform base of the bed that a child's head can become lodged in between them. Deciding to build a loft bed or bunk bed for a child's room should also be evaluated based on the child's age and level of maturity. Jumping and roughhousing should never be tolerated, and you should sit down with your child and explain what you expect in terms of safe loft bed practices.

Loft Bed Building Tips

Because loft beds are so large, it's important to evaluate the room relative to the project. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make a detailed drawing with the location of windows, doors, HVAC vents, electrical outlets, and wall or ceiling mounted fixtures. Note the ceiling height and the width of the entry door frame.

  • Choose quality wood and hardware.
  • Whenever possible, anticipate how you may be using the bed in a few years and build accordingly. Some plans will allow you to change the bed layout later, removing it from its elevated under-structure or changing the storage setup. The more flexible your unit is, the more useful it will be to you over the long haul.
  • If an active child will be using the bed, consider upgrading the hardware by adding a few additional bolts.
  • If the area under the bed will be used for studying or entertainment, make sure it has easy access to an electrical outlet and good airflow.
  • Before you begin your project, check around to make sure you can find the right sized mattress for the plans you have in mind. Making a minor modification to the drawing may not be a problem, but understanding what mattress thicknesses and lengths are available to you locally may impact your selection of free loft bed plans.

Listing of Free Loft Bed Plans

The sites listed below will get you started, but there are lots of loft bed plans available either free or for a nominal charge. When evaluating plans, be sure to check the comment section of the site you're visiting to pick up useful cautions and suggestions.

Free Loft Bed Plans