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Ashley Furniture

When you are in the market for furniture, Ashley Furniture has great options, though they do not offer their furniture for salethrough an Ashley furniture outlet. That does not meant that you can't get a great deal on Ashley's furniture selections. Ashley operates retail stores throughout the country, including in Alaska and Hawaii. You can shop at an Ashley Homestore and find Ashley products, such as the perfect sofa for you, in furniture stores everywhere.

Buying Ashley Furniture

Ashley is the top selling furniture manufacturer in the world, not to mention being number one in the United States in furniture and bedding. Their presence includes all 50 states of the Union as well as Mexico, Canada, Japan, and Central America. The company is so pervasive because, as they promise, they offer stylish furniture at a great price. Ashley's designers create plans that match modern styles and tastes with a nod toward timelessness. Ashley team members produce every piece of furniture with high quality and craftsmanship, and the company's transportation staff moves every piece of furniture to retail locations.

History of Ashley Furniture

In 1945, Ashley Furniture was launched in the Midwest as a sales office, and operated that way for 25 years. Another company, Arcadia Furniture, founded in 1970, operated under the premise that the manufacturing of furniture could be improved. The two companies merged in 1976 and moved forward into a combined sales and manufacturing environment that is hard to rival in the furniture business. By 2003, Ashley was listed as the fastest-growing furniture store in the country, a distinction that they would hold for the succeeding three years. Ashley opened its 300th store in 2007.

Ashely Furniture and the Environment

For those interested in preserving and enhancing the environment, Ashley Furniture Industries is committed to using only what they need and reusing or recycling everything else. Ashley makes furniture using engineered wood, which uses more of a tree than traditional furniture manufacturing does, thus reducing the number of trees that need to be cut and reducing the amount of wood products that they send to a landfill.

All of their solvents and most of their finishes are water-based, which reduces any chemical impact they could have on the environment. Further, they have worked diligently to reduce their air emissions. In 10 years, they reduced their emissions by 86 percent. Even their fleet of distribution trucks runs so efficiently and cleanly that the air they redistribute to their environment is generally cleaner than the air they took in. Ashley gives back to the environment, too, including work in the wetlands and distribution of seedlings for Arbor Day. If green business practices are important to you, you should definitely consider Ashley.

Ashley Furniture Outlet Options

Although there are no Ashley outlets, Ashley's Homestore's are something special in the world of retail furniture. Each Ashley store is owned and operated by individuals, not by the Ashley corporate offices. With this organization, the store owners can offer furniture in varieties and styles that appeal to their friends and neighbors in the community. You can also find Ashley furniture available for sale in other furniture stores. Ashley products are widely available, so they are easy to find.

Where to Shop

Sound like the furniture store for you? If you are interested in Ashley savings even without an Ashley furniture outlet, check out the company website at Ashley Follow the links to the Ashley Furniture Homestores and click Find a Homestore. Enter your zip code or your city and state, and you are on your way. You can also browse their website to see pictures of and get useful information, such as dimensions, material, and weight, about the furniture that interests you.Even in the absence of an Ashley furniture outlet, good prices abound. The combination of price, quality, and availability helped make Ashley number one for several years running. They have a great selection of living room furniture, dining room ensembles, bedroom suites, home entertainment furniture, and stuff just for kids. Go try out a few chairs and check out some tables. Before too long, you will have great furniture that you were able to purchase at a reasonable price.

Ashley Furniture Outlet