Banquette Seating Dining Tables

banquette seating

A banquette seating dining table might just be the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room.

About Banquette Seating Dining Tables

Creating a cozy breakfast nook in your kitchen is easy when you use this French restaurant inspired style of seating. You can find many furniture styles in this kind of dining suite, including a sophisticated look of leather and fabric banquettes and chairs. To make this great choice of seating work, though, you'll want to select the right table to tie this ensemble together.

Where to Place Your Table

You aren't limited to using your banquette in a corner; however, a bay window is a wonderful space for this configuration. You may decide to bring your table set out into a larger space if you have room in your kitchen. You might choose to use an offset area or alcove in your den or family room.

Measure the Space

It sounds like such simple advice, but you'd be surprised how many people rush out to purchase furniture without ever measuring the space designated for the new pieces. Make sure you have adequate space for your new table and banquettes before bringing them home.

Dining Tables for Your Banquette

You can seat anywhere from two to ten people with a banquette dining set. Budget and space will be the deciding factors on the size of table you choose to purchase.

It's All About the Shape

Your choices for a table aren't limited to just round tables, although this is the traditional banquette tabletop shape. If you're purchasing a new banquette set, you'll often find sets that have the option of a selecting the table size and shape. Many discounted sets, however, will have a pre-selected table that's been matched to the set to be sold together. The most popular choices are a standard round or square table.

You can make a dramatic change in the way your banquette seating looks by changing the table shape. Just remember to keep the tabletop in proportion to the seating and your new arrangement will look great.

Best Tabletop Shapes

Banquette seating dining tables come in all sizes and shapes. A pedestal table works the best for a banquette seating arrangement. You can purchase additional banquettes if you purchase a large table and need to seat more people. If you opt for a table with four legs, you may wish to use only two banquettes and two matching chairs to allow better seating around it.

Round Table

  • A round table on a pedestal is the best choice for a banquette table. A round table will highlight the curved design of the banquettes and give uniformity to your overall seating design. For a traditional banquette look, go with a round pedestal table.

Square Tables

  • Many times banquettes are used in conjunction with a built-in corner bench or window seat. In this style, the banquettes will fit nicely along the two outer sides of the table.

Octagon or Pentagon The octagon or pentagon make a very interesting design choice and give a flare of the unexpected while adding drama to your setting. If you have room for a large table, then you can mix banquette seating with either matching chairs or traditional dining chairs. You may decide that all banquettes are a better choice with your unique table.

Irregular and Oddly Shaped Tables

You can also use other tabletop shapes with your banquette. You'll just need to be more creative in how you arrange your seating.

Rectangular Tables

  • A rectangular table is a great choice for a breakfast nook that has uneven lengths of benches or built-in seating. The long side of your L-shaped built-in demands the use of a rectangular or oval tabletop. You can use banquette seating for the outer two sides.

Oval Tables

  • It may sound impossible to use an oval table with a banquette seating arrangement, but an L-shaped breakfast nook gives you an excuse for this shape of tabletop. If you aren't working with the limitations of a built-in nook and have ample room, you can easily use an oval table by adjusting how you place the banquette seats. One of the easiest configurations would be to use the banquettes on either end of the table and place matching dining chairs or even benches on either side to complete a unique look.

Triangle Tables

  • The triangle tabletop is by far the most unusual and unlikely choice for a table, but will work well with banquette seating. Some triangle tabletops come in elongated uneven sides and are used for L-shaped built-in nooks. The banquettes are then placed on the shorter two sides. Don't be afraid to experiment and express your own style should this kind of tabletop shape appeal to you. You can end up with a very attractive and one-of-a-kind dining area.

Bristol Style Banquette Tables

The growing popularity of banquettes has combined with the popular bistro dining table. If you love both of these styles, you can find many sets that will complete the look you've been wanting.

Tabletop Materials

You can always find traditional tabletops made of solid wood, wood veneers, glass, marble, mosaics, and even cooper.

Making a Decision

Armed with information, measurements and color samples, you'll be prepared to browse banquette seating dining tables and make a decision on which one is right for your home.

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