Best Office Chair for Tall People

Sitting in a standard chair can be very uncomfortable for tall people.

If you are of taller than average height, you will want to know the best office chair for tall people. Sitting at a desk all day long for five days a week can be very uncomfortable if you are tall. You deserve to be comfortable in your place of employment or in your home office. Finding the right office chair for your frame is easy when you know where to look.

Benefits of Office Chairs for Tall People

Office chairs for tall people are built to make room for longer legs and a longer torso. This can make sitting in the chair more comfortable. Considering the fact that many people spend over 40 hours per week sitting in an office chair, finding one that fits is very important. Like regular models of chairs, office chairs for tall frames help support your body. They serve the same function as standard office chairs--they help reduce stress in the back, release shoulder tension and allow the user to comfortably sit at a desk. Office chairs for tall people are just designed with their height in mind.

If you are of tall stature and you've ever sat at a desk for a long period of time in a standard chair, you know how uncomfortable that can be. It's like a person with standard height sitting in a child's chair for hours on end. The stress of sitting in a standard size chair can cause knee, back and neck pain.

Working in a comfortable environment, like having the right chair for your frame, can improve your productivity and help you enjoy your work more. If you are being forced to sit in a standard sized chair at work, speak with your supervisor about getting a chair that fits your stature. You can point out the work-related pains and aches you are experiencing and how having the right size chair will help you be a better worker.

Considerations when Shopping for an Office Chair

If you're looking for the best office chair for tall people, you should know that most are sold under the name "big and tall" office chairs. Even if you are the right weight for your height, you'll find that big and tall chairs will serve your needs.

Standard office chairs have weight limits for their use. Most chairs have a weight limit between 275 and 300 pounds for an eight-hour workday. Big and tall chairs can hold up to 500 pounds for a full work day.

In addition to supporting more weight, they have a larger seat width and a longer back support. Certain models of big and tall chairs will have extended height adjustment so that the user can be completely comfortable sitting at his or her desk.

Big and tall office chairs will cost a little more than standard office chairs because there are more materials involved in making the chairs. However, the benefits of sitting in a comfortable chair make the extra cost worth it for most big and tall people.

How to Find the Best Office Chair for Tall People

Most office supply and office furniture stores have big and tall chairs available for purchase. However, if you're having trouble finding one in your price range and don't mind not being able to sit in the chair before you purchase, you can find many specialty shops online.

Try the following sites for big and tall office chairs:

Now that you understand the benefits of a big and tall chair, you should seek one out for your home or office.

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