Budget Friendly Furniture Projects

Build Your Own Furniture

With the cost of living increasing and the uncertainty of the economic conditions affecting everyone's personal and professional lives, it's no wonder people are seeking budget friendly furniture projects when their homes and offices need a little sprucing up.

Affordable Improvements for Home and Office

Even though times are tight, having a comfortable living environment is very important. Instead of putting your plans to improve your home or office on hold, why not look for affordable ways to make changes to improve the spaces where you spend the most time?

LoveToKnow has assembled a comprehensive resource guide for those who are searching for affordable home furnishing solutions - ranging from creative ideas for refurbishing the items you have to do-it-yourself plans and instructions to prepare you to make your own new pieces.

Budget Friendly Furniture Projects for the Home

Regardless of which room in your home needs an overhaul, you'll be able to find instructions for creating one or more pieces that are both functional and attractive.

The following plan ideas offer various types of do-it-yourself furniture building projects:

  • Bedroom - If you have kids, are outfitting a guest room, or designing a space that needs to serve double duty, consider trying your hand at building your own bunk bed or loft bed. Consider making a canopy bed if you're looking for a way to outfit a bedroom for a special little lady.
  • Living Room and Den - One of the best ways to update a living room or den is to accessorize your plush furniture with new tables. Try your hand at creating a new coffee table or sofa table. You can also reduce clutter by installing shelves in these rooms, as well as in other places throughout your home
  • Kitchen and Dining Areas - The table is the focal point of any kitchen or dining room. What better way to update the area where your family enjoys meals together than by building a new dining table? See How to Build a Dining Room Table for a true budget friendly idea: You'll learn how to make a new table from a door!
  • Favorite Furniture Styles - Regardless of which room you are updating, choose a style of decor that reflects your taste. Review plans for country style furniture and log furniture if you have rustic taste or consider adding PVC furniture to your home if you prefer a modern flair.

Outdoor Furniture

In addition to creating furnishings for your home, it's also possible to make your own outdoor furniture pieces. If your outdoor living space could use a face-lift, it just might be time to update it with your own budget friendly furniture.

If the structure of your outdoor pieces is fine but the cushions have seen better days, consider making your own patio furniture cushions. You can save a lot of money by making your own, as well as select fabric that truly reflects your preferences.

Of course, you don't have to stop with new cushions. You can make your own picnic table, as well as other patio and outdoor furniture pieces, including chairs, benches, tables, and much more.

Do It Yourself Office Furniture

The need to keep furniture spending under control isn't limited to homeowners. It's just as important for businesses to watch their budgets closely as it is for individuals to do so. There's no reason that office furniture has to be store bought. If you're handy, you can easily make your own durable, aesthetically pleasing office furniture for much less than you'd have to pay for similar pieces from a retailer.

If you need to outfit a new office or are ready to replace the furniture in your current workspace, you don't have to spend a fortune. By making your own computer desk, ergonomic work desk and filing cabinets, you can furnish your workspace with quality pieces that will serve you well for many years to come!

Five Tips for Building Your Own Furniture

If you're ready to tackle a budget friendly furniture project, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Safety - Observe all safety procedures when cutting wood and assembling the items you are creating. Be sure there's a first aid kit handy before you get started so you'll be prepared if there is an accident.
  2. Tools - Use the proper tools. If you don't have the items you need, borrow them from a friend or family member or rent them from a local company.
  3. Consider Usage - Consider how the furniture piece will be used when deciding on a project. Before you select a plan to build from, be certain that the finished product will work in the area where you plan to use it and that it is the right dimensions.
  4. Materials Quality - Keep quality in mind when selecting materials for a project. The quality of the wood, nails, screws, and other materials that you use will have an impact on how long you can expect the furniture you build to last and how sturdy it is.
  5. Finishing Considerations - Consider how the piece will be finished before making your final materials selection. Determine whether you will stain or paint the items, being sure to choose a type and grade of wood that will be appropriate for the type of finish you plan to use.

Benefits of Do-It-Yourself Furniture

When you start working on a budget friendly furniture project, you'll enjoy many benefits. First, you'll be able to update your home or office without spending much money. Second, you'll develop a new skill and may possibly discover a hobby that you'll enjoy for many years to come! Who knows? Once you've updated your own living and working spaces, you just might be able to turn your furniture building skills into a lucrative second income, or possibly even a full-time business opportunity!

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Budget Friendly Furniture Projects