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Canvas Fabric for Outdoor Furniture

Canvas Chair

Time spent outside can be made even more pleasant when you use canvas fabric for outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Choices

There are many choices for outdoor furniture, such as wicker, wood, and metal. All of those can be made more comfortable and more beautiful with the addition of canvas pillows or cushions, or even a canvas awning.

While metal outdoor furniture such as aluminum or wrought iron sets offers durability, it is not without its drawbacks. The metal can get very hot in the sun, which could give any would-be sitters a toasted posterior. Further, the metal does not always drain well when dampened by rain or the sprinkler, even if the metal is punched with a design to allow drainage. If you do not look before you sit down, you could be sporting wet clothes at your next outdoor gathering.

Wood has an enduring, natural beauty, but wood's aging process produces an unwanted item: splinters. Wooden benches, chairs, and tables may leave you with a tiny piece of themselves lodged in your finger (or worse!) and take the comfort out of the great outdoors. Similarly, wicker is lovely in outdoor furniture, but can be a be prickly to sit in for a long afternoon.

About Canvas Fabric for Outdoor Furniture

You can enhance your outdoor living experience by using canvas fabric for outdoor furniture.

Canvas is a durable, tightly-knit fabric. It is traditionally made of cotton, linen, hemp, jute, or, more recently, polyester. Because the fabric is heavy, it is a good choice for use where a durable fabric is indicated, such as outdoor furniture cushions or even boat sails. If you are shopping for canvas, please note that canvas is sometimes referred to as duck.

Benefits of Canvas Furniture

You can make or buy canvas cushions for your existing metal, wicker, or wood patio set. You can also purchase furniture with canvas seats and backs, such as sling back chairs or director's chairs. This type of furniture is lightweight yet sturdy, highly portable, and easy to care for.

Canvas cushions add comfort, they are easy to clean, and they remove some of the repercussions of sitting down without testing the temperature or prickliness of the chair you want to use. As a bonus, you can also change your cushions to fit changing styles without buying all new outdoor furniture.

Caring for Canvas Fabric

Caring for canvas is relatively simple. Water generally rolls off canvas, but you should store it during rainy or wintry weather to prevent deterioration. Canvas is also easy to clean.

If the canvas gets dirty, simply leave the canvas on the frame and clean it with a scrub brush and mild detergent. Rinse it and let it dry, and it will be ready to use again and again. Some canvas furniture is easily removed from the frame with snaps, buttons, zippers or ties, so you can launder the canvas in your washing machine, line dry it, and put it back on your furniture for continued use.

Purchasing Canvas Fabric

If you are ready to purchase canvas fabric products, decide what kind of treatment, if any, you want the fabric to have. You can purchase canvas that is flame retardant, water repellent, or both. Be sure to buy the fabric weight that best suits your project. Canvas is measured by its weight in ounces per square yard or by its own grading scale. The grade scale runs from one through 12 (omitting seven, nine, and eleven). Weight one is the heaviest canvas; 12 is the lightest.

Choosing Your Furniture

Choosing canvas fabric for outdoor furniture is a fun endeavor. Many companies offer fabrics in solids, patterns, and stripes, so you can personalize your outdoor living space and enjoy that added dimension of comfort and durability.

Canvas Fabric for Outdoor Furniture