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Article Highlight: How to Paint Particle Board Furniture

You can paint particle board furniture with a little preparation to ensure a smooth finish. This is a great way to give a favorite piece of worn, tired furniture a second life. Keep reading »

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DIY Furniture Overview

Whether you can't find exactly what you're looking for on a website or online, or you just really enjoy working with your hands to create new pieces for your home, DIY (Do It Yourself) furniture could be the perfect solution for your needs. Not all DIY furniture projects are terribly difficult. Look over some of the free plans to determine whether you have the tools, the time, and the skills to make your next item of furniture.

The Specifics

Do your kids need a new bunk bed to create more room for playtime? No problem! Just locate a DIY furniture plan to build your own and turn it into a weekend project. Perhaps your dining room needs a new table. Those are easier to build than you may think. Still, if you feel you need to start simpler, consider a free shelf plan. Whatever your needs, you may be able to save money and build not just furniture, but confidence, by utilizing the resources on this site.

Come Back for More

Keep checking back for more DIY furniture projects. We are constantly adding new DIY content. Who knows, perhaps you could create a whole new interior for your home or add brand new, handmade furniture to your patio. There's something for almost every level of expertise. Why not work your way through the plans, building new furniture and working your way up to a completely new set of skills and a higher level of confidence?

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