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Shopping furniture stores and furniture brands usually means you can purchase furniture with confidence. A known furniture brand or furniture store has fewer unknowns since you can easily check warrantees and return policies.

Furniture Stores You May Shop

Furniture is one item most people prefer to see in person. Brick and mortar stores provide you with the opportunity to sit in a dining room chair or relax in a recliner before making the decision to purchase.

Stores With Multiple Name Brands

Many furniture retail stores carry quite a few furniture brands, giving you the opportunity to shop different brands under one roof. Some of the furniture stores are franchised and most retail furniture stores offer financing opportunities on your purchases. This makes buying furniture more affordable.

Name Brands

Many furniture name brands also have their own stores, such as Ikea Furniture Store, La-Z-Boy Furniture and Lane Recliners. Other furniture brands, such as Charles P. Rogers Beds Direct, have factory showrooms and website ordering.

Furniture Outlets

Many name brand furniture companies cater to furniture outlets. Some furniture brands, such as Ashley Furniture and Drexel Furniture have their own furniture outlets for customers to save on discounted and discontinued styles.

Shopping Furniture Outlets

You can take advantage of significant savings as just one of the many benefits shopping at a furniture factory outlet. Big outlets move inventory in and out frequently, some on a daily basis, so you're sure to luck up on some great deals if you visit regularly.

Shopping Online Furniture Outlets

Some furniture outlets sell online. You may find this a disadvantage since you can't see the furniture in-person. However, many people have great furniture online shopping experiences.

Specialty Furniture Outlets

Local or regional designer furniture outlets provide you with opportunities to purchase these pieces at a huge discount. You can find some unique furniture outlets, like Colorado based, Furniture Row Outlet that features four specialty stores under one roof.

Furniture Regions

There are regions in the United States that are known for furniture manufacturing. Most of these states have a large number of furniture outlets clustered around the manufacturing towns, such as Highpoint in North Carolina.

Discount Furniture Companies

You can find great buys at discount companies that also carry furniture, often collections that are discontinued/closeouts. For example, Big Lots carries a large inventory of many items and also features furniture closeouts. You never know what will be offered, but some pieces can be purchased online as well as at the brick and mortar store.

Choices With Furniture Stores and Brands

There are many choices when it comes to shopping furniture brands and with furniture stores. The furniture outlet is one of the biggest opportunities you have for making quality furniture buys at big discounted prices.

Furniture Stores and Brands