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Article Highlight: How to Use Paint to Touch Up Patio Furniture

The high cost of quality patio furniture makes every penny spent on cleaning and maintaining it well worth the investment. Touch ups of scratches, nicks and scrapes on painted frames not only improve the appearance… Keep reading »

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Outdoor furniture comes in quite a variety of styles. If you're looking for ideas for furnishing your back yard, patio, balcony, or deck, you have certainly come to the right place!

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, you may be surprised to find that there are almost as many options for outside pieces as inside furniture. If you'd like to be able to stack up your furniture and turn it into a piece of art rather than finding a place to stow it away in a corner until you need it, modern art furniture may be for you. Do you love all things retro? Find old webbed lawn chairs, re-web them, and make them your own again for almost no cost at all. You may also appreciate retro furniture for your patio or lawn like shell-back chairs and metal tables.

If retro furniture isn't your style, there are some sturdy wooden and wicker pieces you may like to use. Just be sure to choose furniture (and cushions) meant for outdoor use so it will stand up to the elements. Your outdoor furniture should last for years if you select quality pieces and make sure to keep them protected and maintained.

The Life of Your Furniture

Your outdoor furniture shouldn't have to be replaced year after year. By selecting pieces made for outdoors-whether a rustic wood table or wicker set-as long as you keep the furniture's needs in mind, you should be able to keep them for quite some time. For example, wipe down wicker furniture once a month with soapy water and keep it out of rain and direct sunlight. Seat cushions on your outdoor furniture will stay vibrant and comfortable longer if you take them inside when you know bad weather is coming and flip them periodically so that one side isn't always exposed to sunlight.

If something does go wrong, many repairs are easy and inexpensive to do. You can re-web a lawn chair in an afternoon. You can even find parts to repair your umbrella. Often, you'll be able to get replacement parts for your outdoor furniture from the manufacturer, but there are some one-size-fits-all options as well, so even if you buy used furniture for your patio or yard, there are many repairs you can make yourself with ease. Just being conscientious of how to care for your outdoor furniture and do minor repairs can keep your selections beautiful and functional for years.

Outdoor Furniture