Classic Style Furniture Accessories

Terry Hurley
Furniture Accessories

Classic style furniture accessories are pieces that are well-made and timeless. They add the finishing touches that make your room look beautiful and complete.

What Is Classic Style?

Classic style refers to timeless designs. While you may be able to date that avocado green and orange paisley sofa with some certainty as circa 1972, it might be a bit more difficult to tell when the upholstered damask with mahogany accents was manufactured. Anything that is in style forever can be referred to as classic.

Classic design also generally means that the craftsmanship of the piece is of a very high quality. While not all classic style furniture will be expensive it will almost always be of higher quality materials.

That isn't to say that classic style furniture, accessories, and art can't encompass the best of each era. It can. You can have classic style Art Deco, classic style Arts and Crafts, classic style Mid-Century Modern, or any other style. What sets something apart as being a classic is that it is the very best, average example of the style. It will not be extreme at all.

Classic style will most often be balanced without surprises:

  • Accessories will be arranged in balanced groupings, pairs, or in some soothing form.
  • Items will most often match and coordinate rather than clash dramatically.
  • Everything will be of the same, classic style.

Furniture Accessories

Accessories like sculptures, lamps, and other items can be easily found in the classic style. Some things to look for are:

  • Graceful lines
  • Elegance
  • Quality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Beautiful details

These accessories can be used in any room to complement your classic décor.


While any material or finish might be used in classic accessories, often certain types of items show up over and over again. These include:

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  • Onyx
  • Malachite
  • Marble
  • Lapis
  • Bronze
  • Granite
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Gilt
  • Crystal
  • Carved wood
  • Silk
  • Moiré
  • Tapestry
  • Damask
  • Chintz
  • Crewel

Examples of Classic Style Furniture Accessories

Classic accessories will often include the following items:

  • Paired lamps
  • Vases, especially with an oriental motif
  • Prints, especially florals and equine
  • Urns and pots of foliage plants
  • Figurines, especially Royal Doulton and other collectibles
  • Mirrors
  • Plain lamp shades in neutral colors

Accessory Ideas

The best way to take inspiration from classic style is to observe it. Here are some idea galleries that specialize in classic style accessories and furniture.

Where to Find Classic Accessories

You can find classic accessories all over the Internet as well as in many local stores. Thomasville, for example, has stores in many different towns and they specialize in a classic look in furniture and accessories. Most furniture showrooms will have a large selection of accessories to go with the furniture style. A few well-chosen antiques are never out of place in classic decorating. Antique accessories are generally affordable and can give the entire room a classic look. Keep an eye on eBay as well as in the local antique stores for just the right item.

Dania has a nice, modern classic look to their furniture and accessories. These beautiful designs are unique, and yet possess such a graceful look that they will never go out of style. They are perfect for the decorator who wants something classic but with a little verve.

Another place to consider is The Dump. This is a furniture outlet where many items can be found at discounted prices.

The Finishing Touch

Classic style furniture accessories are like jewelry for your room. They add the finishing touch and give it an elegant, completed look. Use only a minimal number of accessories in your room and make sure that the arrangement is balanced for a beautiful and elegant classic look.

Classic Style Furniture Accessories