Simple Creative Ideas for Furniture

Creative DIY Ideas for Furniture

Use these DIY projects and creative ideas for furniture to enhance your home and maximize storage. From custom paint jobs to one-of-a-kind upholstery, a few unique pieces or an interesting arrangement can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home.

Creative Furniture Finishes

Give your wooden dresser a one-of-a kind look by sanding and painting it yourself. You can paint drawers in an ombre pattern using variations on a color; this provides a unique, fun look that is functional and lovely at the same time. Keep drawer hardware simple so the paint job can take center stage.

Bring in Painted Wicker

Wicker furniture offers a light, easy-to-move option so you can customize a space to your needs. If you need seating for guests, it's easy to move these lightweight pieces from room to room. However, the key to the creative look is color. Skip standard white or rattan brown and opt for fun, bright tones everyone will love. You can paint wicker furniture yourself if you properly sand it first.

Try an Antique Sewing Machine Table

Converting an antique sewing machine into an attractive side table is a creative idea for furniture. These sewing machines often came in beautiful wooden cabinets with ornate cast iron bases. Bring this timeless style into your home and embrace the creativity inherent in a piece that once had an important function.

Use a Simple and Modern Update

For a creative touch that's subtle and modern, paint just part of the legs of a table. You can do this with a dining table, a nightstand, a coffee table, or an end table. Simply use painter's tape to mask off the part of the leg you don't want to paint; then apply a fun color to the part you want. Choose a metallic shade or a pastel tone for a mid-century modern pop.

Reupholster Older Pieces in Bold Colors

Breathe new life into a vintage chair or couch with new upholstery, but don't settle for something bland. Choose creative and bold colors or patterns that allow the beauty of this unique piece to shine. Think emerald green, peacock prints, gorgeous florals, and more. You can do the upholstery yourself or have a professional tackle a more complex job.

Opt for Brightly Colored Furniture

Make your home office uniquely yours by painting your storage units in your favorite colors or add pizazz to your mudroom with cubbies that are anything but blah. Pieces with simple lines are easy to repaint yourself, or you can buy brightly-colored pieces ready-made.

Make Your Own Hairpin Leg Table

If you're looking for truly creative ideas for furniture, consider this super simple DIY project. You don't have to be a woodworker to make your own table. You can order hairpin legs from retailers like and attach them to any surface for an instant custom table. Choose a colored top, a beautiful piece of wood, or even something with drawers.

Unique Lofts and Bunk Beds

Make the most of your guest room or your child's bedroom with an attractive bunk bed set or a super functional loft. This is a great way to maximize a small space. You can add a chair under the loft or top bunk, or you can use this space for a home office or homework spot.

Make a Mosaic Tabletop

If you're feeling crafty, you can add an amazing creative touch with a DIY mosaic. Perfect your technique with a simple project like a tea tray, and then move on to a side table, coffee table, or even a dining table. You can use color and pattern to create a totally unique piece of furniture.

Build It In

You can also use space creatively by building furniture into nooks in your home. If you have a blank wall, you can support a desk and shelving to make a homework space or small office. Use pallets to give the space a really creative feel.

Bring in Beanbags and Poufs

Beanbags and poufs are a fun and easy way to add creative style to any room. These casual furniture pieces are easy to move around, and you can choose patterns and bright colors for more style. Make your own beanbag if you're feeling creative, or buy a ready-made version if you're pressed on time.

Don't Worry About Matching

No need to worry about coordinating everything if you're going for a creative look. Try different patterns and textures, or mix it up with varying knobs on a dresser or desk. This is a subtle way to add unique style without going totally eclectic.

Maximize Space With Multi-Function Pieces

If you're working with a small space, you can get creative by choosing items with multiple functions. Here, a stepstool doubles as an end table. Adding a pop of color like the yellow couch really shows off a unique decorating style.

No matter how you choose to modify or arrange your furniture pieces, you'll find that people notice your one-of-a-kind home interior. You'll get compliments on your out-of-the-box thinking and smart use of space.

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Simple Creative Ideas for Furniture