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Electric Adjustable Computer Desks

Adjustable desks can help you work in a more ergonomically friendly environment.

Electric adjustable computer desks allow you to get the most out of your work space. Whether you work in a corporate office that allows for ergonomic comfort or you're interested in making your home work space more flexible, an adjustable desk could be just the thing that you're looking for.

The Need for Adjustable Desks

Adjustable desks allow you to work in a seated position or while standing. They are becoming increasingly more popular due to an interest in ergonomics and protecting office workers from unnecessary back and neck pain. There are many different adjustable desks out there as manufacturers are responding to a need for ergonomically designed office furniture.

Ergonomics is a practice that requires making adjustments in furniture and other environments so that the items fit the person and not the other way around. Studies have shown that when furniture is designed to be ergonomic it greatly reduces the risks of repetitive stress injuries.

When ergonomic principles are followed, there are many benefits to the worker's well being. Stress on specific parts of the body, like the neck and wrists, is greatly reduced. Hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and the neck can be relieved of stress and pressure. In addition, eliminating the strains and discomfort of sitting at a standard desk all day can greatly increase the worker's attitude and, in turn, the working environment.

Although ergonomically designed furniture can be a bit more expensive than standard office fare, it's clear that using ergonomics in the office has a wide variety of benefits. Many corporations are making the move toward including ergonomic office furniture, like electronic adjustable computer desks, in order to increase the quality of life of their workers.

Adjustable Computer Desks

Adjustable computer desks come in a variety of different forms. They help the worker sit or stand comfortably at their work station while still being able to use the computer. Adjustable computer desks may just raise or lower a few inches in order to fit different heights of people or they may raise several feet in order to accommodate for different styles of chairs or for standing at the work space.

Adjustable computer desks come with many added features that make using them with computers and other electronics easy. There are normally wire management trays to help contain all of the cords and wires that are associated with computers. They can also include CPU pedestals and other trays to house different pieces of equipment.

Electric Adjustable Computer Desks

Most adjustable computer desks use pneumatic levers in order to raise and lower the desk. These levers are engaged in order to get the right height. Although desks with levers get the job done, they can sometimes be difficult to use. It's hard to get the same height adjustment each time because the levers are not precise or measured. Levers can become sticky over time and the rising and lowering motion can be rough on the items on the tabletop. Considering the fact that most adjustable desks house computers, it's important to have a smooth adjustment process.

On the other hand, with electronic adjustable tables you'll never have to worry about imprecise or jerky adjustment movements. With the press of a button that is located just underneath the tabletop, users can smoothly adjust the height of the table. Electronic adjustable computer desks use an electronic motor to move the tabletop up and down. With this type of desk, you'll get the same ergonomic benefits of a standard adjustable desk without the hassles.

When you're looking for an electronic adjustable computer desk you should pay attention to the total height adjustment and the total lifting capacity. This second number will be expressed in pounds. By looking at these two figures, you'll be able to tell if your desk will adjust to your height and be able to carry the weight of your computer.

Electric Adjustable Computer Desks