End Table With Built In Lamp Options

Chairside Lamp Table from Leick Furniture
Lamp Table from Leick Furniture

An end table with a built-in lamp combines two home furnishings that are commonly found together. These end tables can provide both task and accent lighting just about anywhere in your home, while saving space by combining function. One of the nice things about these pieces is how many different styles there are; no matter what style of decor you have in your home, you will be able to find an end table lamp combination that fits your style.

A Few Great Options

If you're considering the purchase of an end table and lamp combination consider one of these options. These quality products range in material, style and price to fit in anyone's home.

Legacy Home Broadmore Floor Lamp

If you're looking for a small profile, small footprint table and lamp, consider the Legacy Home Broadmore Floor Lamp available at Wayfair.com. This is a tall, full-sized floor lamp that has a small glass table surrounding the lamp pole at approximately mid-height. The lamp itself has an arm extension that allows it to be positioned closer or further from the user, so the fact that the table is surrounding the pole - and preventing it from getting close to a chair - is not a problem.

Broadmore floor lamp
Broadmore floor lamp
  • The table has a 15-inch diameter, which allows it to fit into small spaces, such as the space between a corner and an armchair.
  • 15-inches gives you enough space to set down a drink, bowl or a small book comfortably on the table, but would prevent the user from placing a plate, large tablet or book on the table safely due to the way the lamp comes out of the center.
  • The lamp itself has a 3-way socket to give you choices in the brightness of the light.
  • The finish is antique brass, and the glass on the table is tempered.

The table and lamp measure a total of 58-inches high, come with a linen shade, and fit in with most traditional-style decor. Customers like the style of the lamp and table, as well as how easy it is to set up. The table and lamp combination retails for about $75.

Wildon Home Edmonds Swing Arm Brass Lamp End Table

Edmonds swing arm brass lamp stamp
Swing arm lamp

If you're looking for a more functional table that happens to have an attached lamp, consider the Wildon Home Edmonds Swing Arm Brass Lamp End Table, also available at Wayfair.com. The table is a generous oval shape with a semi-modern style.

  • The lamp is attached to one end and swivels to allow you to position it to best suit your needs.
  • Beneath the table is a magazine rack, giving you further function and storage.

The overall dimensions of the table and lamp are 53-1/2-inches high by 23-3/4-inches wide by 15-3/4-inches deep. This makes it the ideal size to place beside a large armchair, or between two smaller armchairs placed along a wall in a conversation area. The lamp is full height, giving light to anyone sitting next to it, while the table is big enough to hold several drinks, two plates, tablets or books.

The table has an oak finish, which customers like, and is fairly simple to put together. Most customers advise purchasing a replacement lampshade rather than using the one that comes with it, but recommend the table overall for its style, use, quality and ease of assembly. The table retails for about $86 and ships for free.

Leick Chair Side Lamp Table with Drawer

Get space-saving design and storage with the Leick Chair Side Lamp Table with Drawer sold at Amazon. This classic-style side table comes with a built-in drawer and shelf to give you maximum storage in a small area.

  • The table itself is hand-finished in a slate black color with a natural wood top.
  • The swivel-arm lamp comes out of the back of the table, allowing for easy positioning of the lamp to either side of the table.

The table measures 12-inches wide by 23-1/2-inches deep by 57-inches high. This makes it the ideal shape and size to place right between two armchairs, between a chair and a wall or a chair and the door. What it lacks in width, it makes up for in length; nearly 24-inches lets you put down a plate and drink, book, tablet or other item securely, while the drawer is deep enough to hold small useful items like glasses, coasters or pens.

Customers love the size of the table, as well as how easily it's put together. The table retails for under $200 and ships for free.

Light Up Your Home

Having a table with a built-in lamp lets you save space, while still providing much needed light. Look into getting one of these options for your home and add some stylish function today.

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