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If you're looking for free PVC furniture plans, the Web is a good resource. From formal plans to casual recommendations with instructions offered by passionate enthusiasts, tips and ideas for making PVC furniture are everywhere.

PVC Furniture - The Basics

Think of PVC furniture projects as Legos for grownups. PVC is a rigid plastic that is commonly used in construction. It's available in a number of diameters and can be cut easily with a special PVC cutter or hacksaw. PVC also has many available fittings that will allow you to join lengths of pipe together in lots of different ways.

If you'd like a creative sampling of what folks are doing to personalize PVC for home applications, take a look at PVC Plans for a series of interesting photos. If you enjoy the idea of designing new projects yourself, it will get your creative juices flowing.

For those who need some structure in their projects, there are lots of sites with plans for conventional projects, like tables, carts, chairs and the like.

When working with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), keep a few things in mind:

  • Choose UV protected, furniture grade PVC. There are different grades available and selecting the right grade for your project will have an impact on how long the pipe you buy will continue to look good.
  • PVC is sold at home improvement and plumbing supply stores. Standard lengths of pipe, starting at eight to ten feet, are typically sold to consumers. If you don't have a truck for transport, you may be able to get the supplier to cut the PVC down for you. Just in case, take a list of cutting measurements with you to the store.
  • PVC fittings are sold in different diameters, so go armed with the right information. There are lots of fittings to choose from, so take any plans you have with you to help make an accurate identification of the type of fitting you need.
  • Sold in a few basic colors, like white, PVC can be painted with special plastic paints that make a firm bond.
  • Check your project's directions carefully. Some PVC foundation projects don't even require gluing in place, but will need a few tools, like a specialty PVC cutter and a rubber mallet for tapping fittings into place.
  • If you don't want exposed tube ends on your projects, most diameter PVC can be fitted with attractive end caps.
  • Although PVC may not be the best choice for a cottage look, it can be attractive in a contemporary setting, and even in traditionally designed rooms, some pieces can be completely covered, making the PVC foundation invisible. That way you can add a ruffled duvet to a PVC bed frame and no one will be the wiser. The same goes for a long tablecloth over a PVC and plywood table.

Free PVC Furniture Plans - Resources

The following sites have free PVC furniture plans for a number of different furniture types and styles. After a little practice, you'll discover that coming up with your own plans is pretty easy too. PVC is a versatile medium for frames and shelving of all kinds, and after you learn about the different types of fittings, how to cut pipe, and how to finesse pieces together, you'll probably become a design expert.

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Free PVC Furniture Plans