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From elegant jacquard and luxurious velvet to sophisticated chenille and sensuous silk, the types of material made by a furnishing fabrics manufacturer are as varied as the beautiful textiles themselves.

Buying From a Manufacturer of Furnishing Fabrics

Although many manufacturers of furnishing fabrics do not sell their goods to the general public, browsing their websites offers a great way to find decorating ideas for your home. Many of these manufacturers display beautiful examples of their fabrics on upholstered furniture, as window treatments and home decor accent pieces in elegant room settings. Some of their sites also include lists of stores that sell their material selections.

Most furnishing fabrics manufacturers sell their goods in large bulk orders to businesses such as:

  • Wholesale fabric distributors and suppliers
  • Retail companies that make and sell home soft goods
  • Professionals such as fabric craft artists and upholsters

However, there are some manufacturers that do sell their fabrics in small quantities to the general public.

Locating a Furnishing Fabrics Manufacturer

Since many fabric manufacturers are located in countries such as India, Korea and China, it is often difficult to locate their websites. Several excellent resources located on the Internet are the various trade and industry websites with listings of the many manufacturers, known as business to business platforms. Some of these websites only list the manufacturers of a specific country while others list them on a global level by industry.

The following are several of these types of websites:

  • Fibre 2 Fashion is one of the largest business to business platforms in the world. Although registration is required, it is free.
  • Trade Key is free to join.
  • Panjiva
  • B2B Maunufacturers includes Taiwan and China Manufacturers and Suppliers.
  • Italian Moda is an online textile and fashion trade show.
  • India Mart includes manufacturers of furnishing fabrics throughout India
  • Global Sources provides manufacturers of cotton fabrics.
  • Alibaba is a global source including manufacturers in the USA

Examples of Manufacturers of Furnishing Fabrics

The following businesses are several of the many manufacturers of furnishing fabrics.

The Crowson Group

A beautiful website that features the exquisite fabrics of the Crowson Group of the United Kingdom which includes the fabric brands:

  • Crowson
  • Dovedale
  • Monkwell
  • The Design Archives

When viewing the website the beautiful fabrics are showcased by collections, with tasteful pictures of the fabrics in real room-like settings. The website also includes a global list of retail stores that sell their fabrics. Examples of their fabrics include:

  • French damask
  • Woven chenille
  • Brushed cotton
  • Soft velvet
  • Translucent voile
  • Cotton linen
  • Teflon finished waterproof acrylic

The quality fabrics are available in many designs that make up the various collections. The collections range from elegant and sophisticated to retro and Art Nouveau.

Fu Jyi Lin Enterprise Company

Located in Taiwan, the Jyi Lin Enterprise Company manufactures and exports a wide variety of fabrics used in home soft goods. The company has more than 300 different types of machines used in the manufacturing of material including:

  • Knitting machines
  • Jacquard machines
  • Lacing machines
  • Weaving machines

Lalit Kishore Textiles

  • Located in India, Lalit Kishore Textiles specializes in the manufacture of tapestry and curtain fabrics. The company will send their latest brochures and catalog upon request.

The goods of a furnishing fabric manufacturer are generally shipped throughout the world and sold as bulk fabric or finished home decor items.

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Furnishing Fabrics Manufacturer