Gun Storage End Table

Store your guns safely and securely

If you own a handgun, the perfect storage solution may be a gun storage end table.

Keep Your Handgun Safely Out of Sight

One of the main responsibilities of a gun owner is safely storing their gun out of the way of curious children and anyone else who should not have access to the firearm. This includes other family members, friends and intruders into the home.

All too often we hear stories of a child or teenager killed by a loaded handgun that was carelessly left in the open. Other stories tell of the dangers of a burglar finding a firearm in a home and using it later in a violent crime.

Keeping your guns hidden in a locked gun safe is one method of keeping them stored safely and securely. However, another option is keeping them stored in an end table that is specially made for safe gun storage.

Although most end tables made for gun storage have secure key locks, there are some styles that do not have a lock. These gun storage tables have a hidden latch that opens the gun storage area when it is pulled.

The Benefits of Using a Gun Storage End Table

When you keep your firearm in an end table specifically made for gun storage, it is safely hidden yet readily available. End tables made for the storage of guns are beautiful pieces of furniture that would look at home in any living room, family room or den next to your favorite recliner. Some gun owners even choose to use a small end table with gun storage as a night stand in their bedrooms. These tables are also the perfect size for small apartments.

Storing your handguns in an end table made for that purpose is a safe way to hide your firearm in plain sight. This type of table is made to look just like a regular end table and no one will be able to tell it is concealing a gun inside.

Styles of End Tables Made for Gun Storage

There are several styles of end tables made for storing handguns.

Custom Made End Table from Custom Chess

Although Custom Chess specializes in handcrafted custom-made chess boards, they also offer a handmade end table with a hidden secret compartment for storing a handgun. The entire end table is made of solid hardwood, with the exception of the drawer bottom. The hidden gun storage compartment is built inside of the frame of the table and opens when the hidden latch is pulled. This end table does not have a locked gun storage area.

Also suitable as a night stand, the end tables are custom-made in your choice of wood and stain. The wood and stain combinations include:

  • Natural maple
  • Natural oak
  • Medium oak
  • Dark oak
  • Natural cherry
  • Medium cherry
  • Dark cherry

Gun Storage Table from American Furniture Classics

Available from Bargain Outfitters this beautiful end table stores your firearms on three display style slide out shelves. The shelves are safely concealed behind a hinged door inside the key locked table. Made of solid wood and wood veneers, the end table is finished in honey oak. Additional features of this gun storage table include:

  • Antiqued brass hardware
  • Synthetic leather slide out shelf coverings
  • A matching gun storage chest

This end table is also found at Walmart online.

Rustic Style Gun Storage End Table from R&L Creative Carvings

If you love rustic style furniture, the custom-made firearm storage table from R&L Creative Carvings is for you. Their unique handmade furniture is the epitome of rustic charm. In addition to the end table, the company also offers:

  • Gun storage coffee table
  • A variety of beautiful and unique gun cabinets including exquisitely carved cabinets and others made from tree stumps
  • Chain saw carvings
  • Doors
  • Wall decor

If you are thinking of getting a gun storage end table, check to make sure that your fireman will fit into the dimensions of the compartment.

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