Kitchen Nook Furniture

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Kitchen nook furniture is designed to comfortably fit in a small alcove or area that is just off the kitchen. This area is often referred to as a breakfast nook.

Kitchen Nook Furniture Designs

Most kitchen nook or breakfast nook furniture looks like something you would see in a restaurant, pub or cafe. The seating is designed to be a cozy place to share a light meal, have your morning coffee or enjoy breakfast with your family.

L-Shaped Booth

This style has a small table, a corner seat in the middle with a short seat and a long seat on each side of the corner seat, forming an L shape. The other side of the table will typically have a long bench or a couple of chairs for seating two more people. This nook furniture can comfortably fit six to eight people. It looks very similar to a corner booth in a restaurant.

Dinette Sets

A dinette set is a small square or round table with two to four chairs. Dinettes come in as many styles as regular dining room tables. If your kitchen nook is rounded without corners, this might be a better choice than the L-shaped booth.

Bistro Sets

A bistro set has a very tall table with two to four tall chairs. These types of tables are commonly seen in neighborhood pubs. A bistro set will fit well in a small space.

Bench Sets

A bench set is a simple wooden table with two long benches for sitting on each side of the table. This style looks similar to a picnic table, but the benches are not attached to the table.

Three Piece Mission Sets

This set consists of a thin, rectangular table with two bar stools. This is a good set for couples because it seats two people and will fit nicely into a small area.

Deciding Which Design and Style Work Best

When considering which design to go with, the shape and size of your kitchen nook will play an important part. The L-shaped booth design is the one that requires the most space and it works best when there is an actual corner to put it in. Any of the other three styles would work well in a rounded kitchen nook. A dinette set or bistro set are the best choices for small spaces.

Once you have decided which design to go with, you can start shopping for different styles that are available in your design of choice. Many of the L-shaped booths are available in light or dark wood finishes. They can come with or without seat cushions. A big advantage of the L-shaped booths and the bench sets is the extra storage that can be found under the bench seating. This storage comes in handy for things like extra table linens or arts and crafts supplies. There is also a style of L-shaped booth that has the retro look of a 1950's soda shoppe diner.

If you have small children and would like to share morning breakfasts with them in your kitchen nook, you probably wouldn't want to choose a bistro set. The chairs can be very tall and would not only be difficult for small children to climb into, they could actually fall off the chair and get hurt. This design might also be difficult for elderly people and the table is much too high for anyone using a wheelchair. However, the bistro style table and chairs is a fun and entertaining set for young adults and families with older kids.

The dinette option for kitchen nook furniture is the most versatile and will work with any shape or size area. There are so many different styles of dinettes, you're sure to find something you like that will fit perfectly with the rest of your home's decor.

Where to Buy

You can shop for different styles of nook furniture online at:

If you decide to look at local furniture stores, keep in mind that most stores will charge a fee for home delivery.

Kitchen Nook Furniture