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The recliner is one of the most often used and loved pieces of living room furniture next to the sofa, so when purchasing a new one you might consider a trusted brand such as Lane recliners. The ideal spot to watch TV, lounge or nap, recliners are available from Lane in a variety of styles, colors and price ranges.

Lane Company History

John Lane and his son Ed Lane began what would become Lane Home Furnishings in 1912. In the beginning, they specialized in making chests and called their company the "Standard Red Cedar Chest Company." Many years later, in 1972, the Lanes acquired Action Industries, a small company that manufactured reclining chairs. The Lanes' experience with wood plus the expertise of this upholstery company resulted in the Lane Home Furnishings we know today.

Lane Recliner Models

Lane generally has around 60 to 70 recliner models available to purchase, which may vary from year to year. They offer a diverse range of styles and features. Some models are heavily padded, making them an ideal choice for a TV room. If you have back problems, you might consider a recliner with lumbar support.

Other recliners are traditionally designed, and you might not suspect they are, in fact, recliners. Some of these models feature a wing-back design, wood paneling, or details such as button tufts and nail head trim. Many of the models of Lane's Classic Collection have a retro appeal, with low legs and rolled arms that evoke the elegance of a 1920s club or smoking room.

Depending on the model, Lane recliners are available in many different colors and textures of leather as well as a wide variety of solid and patterned upholstery. When selecting a Lane recliner, consider your living room design.

Lane Recliner and Ottoman Combinations

If you desire mid-century modern chic, consider one of Lane's leather recliners that incorporate matching ottomans. These recliners offer versatility because you can use the ottoman as extra seating when company is over. Lane offers several models that are available in different shades of leather. The price typically includes the ottoman.

Lane Power Recliners

For the ultimate in lounging, Lane offers a small selection of power recliners. Inspired by luxury car seating, these designs contain clean lines and an elegant look. All recline in eight to ten seconds and include the "pad-over-chaise" feature to provide continuous support by eliminating the space between the footrest and seat. Each style in this collection is available in both leather and cloth finishes.

Where to Purchase

The Lane Furniture website provides a store locator tool so that you can determine where to purchase your recliner. Enter your address, city and state or zip code, followed by an acceptable radius. Click the box by "Recliners" to narrow your search further. The map will reveal the Lane Furniture retail locations nearest you.

If you don't happen to live near a Lane Furniture retailer, there are many stores online from which you can purchase Lane recliners. Well-known retailers including JCPenney and Walmart sell Lane recliners online, as well as many other companies. If you are on a budget, check your local classified ads, Craigslist, or eBay for gently used recliners.

Price of Lane Recliners

Lane recliners range from around $500 to upwards of $1,400 for some models. Prices vary depending on the finish-upholstery versus leather and added features. According to where you purchase your recliner, prices can vary substantially. Shipping costs can increase prices if you order your recliner online. If you can take advantage of in-store promotions or find advertised sale prices, you may buy your recliner for significantly less than the manufacturer's suggested price.

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