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If you're contemplating a furniture purchase, don't start loading up the truck with merchandise until you check out the updated look and modern features of La-Z-Boy recliners. This isn't your dad's chair. The folks at La-Z-Boy have designed a line of chairs with all the comfort of the boxy recliner you may remember from your parents' family room and added stylish detail and space age comfort that will suit your busy lifestyle.

From chairs with up to ten built-in motors to give you a heated body massage, to power ease features that let you adjust your chair from any angle at the touch of a button, Lazy Boy is making recliners that are at home in casual as well as more formal rooms, and when you sit down in one, you won't want to get up again.

La-Z-y Boy Recliners - The Comfort Chair

Most homes seem to have one chair that everyone wants to sit in. It's the one you head for at the end of a long day as a reward for all those hours of hard work. La-Z-Boy understands your need for luxurious comfort and affordable style and offers recliners with features to suit your décor, your physical needs, and your pocketbook.

La-Z-Boy Recliner Options

La-Z-Bboy understands that everyone isn't the same. They offer the following features on their recliners to help you design the chair that's right for you.

  • Extended foot rests on non-chaise recliners. If you need a couple of extra inches, you can have them.
  • Handle placement on either the left or right side of the chair.
  • Rocker feature in the Reclina-Rocker option that offers more movement and reclining possibilities than any chair you've ever owned.
  • Want a recliner and have limited space? Try the Reclina-Way feature that will allow you to adjust your chair to a full recline mere inches from the nearest wall or object.
  • Need a little help getting out of your chair? Well, who doesn't from time-to-time? The Luxury-lift feature adjusts to give you a friendly assist, and from the look of this chair's clean lines, no one will ever know you cheated.
  • AirSpa and La-Z-Touch bring the spa to you. You can have up to ten onboard motors and a heating option loosening tight muscles.

La-Z-Boy Recliner Features

  • La-Z-Boy recliners boast 18 reclining positions.
  • Chair backs and foot rests recline independently, giving you so many possible configurations you're bound to find the perfect one.
  • Each and every reclining position you try in your La-Z-Boy recliner has complete body and lumbar support. Your back will almost certainly thank you.
  • Just a few other useful features include adjustable locking tension, strong frame construction, and a three position locking footrest that will keep children and pets safe.


La-Z-Boy recliners carry a limited lifetime warranty. These chairs are built to last and La-Z-Boy stands behind its products. Not only are the reclining mechanisms warrantied, the warranty includes the frame and spring support system too.

Don't forget about the soft stuff either. All La-Z-Boy cushions and fabrics either meet or exceed industry standards and carry a one-year limited warranty.

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La-Z-Boy Recliners