Make Your Own Canopy Bed

It is the fabric that gives the canopy its romantic look.

If you love the look of a romantic bedroom but your budget is stretched beyond belief, learning to make your own canopy bed is the perfect solution. It isn't difficult to do and you can have that lush, romantic look you crave for a fraction of the cost.

How to Make Your Own Canopy Bed

There are several ways to make your bed and each will give you a slightly different look, from cottage to elegant. Some are more difficult than others but nearly any of these ideas can be completed by the novice in just a few hours.


You can use towel rings from the home improvement store to create a simple canopy that is easy to change with the seasons. This treatment gives your bed a soft, ethereal look when you use gauze or sheer fabric in the rings

To make the canopy:

  1. Attach the towel rings to the ceiling at the four corners of the bed.
  2. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor, adding at least a foot for hemming and draping. Multiply this by eight to get the amount of fabric you need. For an eight-foot ceiling you will need a minimum of twenty-four yards of fabric.
  3. Cut your fabric to your measurement.
  4. Seal the edges of your fabric with liquid fray stop or sew a hem.
  5. Pull the length of fabric through two rings on one side, allowing it to drape softly. It should be long enough to "puddle" a bit where it meets the floor.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. You can add fabric across the rings at the top and bottom if you like but this is not necessary.

The benefit of this type of canopy is that it is a simple matter to pull the fabric out of the rings and wash it to keep it clean and fresh.

Curtain Rods

Using curtain rods to create your canopy is another fast and easy way to make your own canopy bed. It is a little more involved than using the rings but this technique gives a more traditional canopy and curtains look to your bedroom.

  1. Install three curtain rods on your ceiling. Use two rods lengthwise to your bed and one crosswise at the head of the bed.
  2. Measure from ceiling to floor. If you are using ready made curtains you will not need to add hem allowance, otherwise add six inches.
  3. Using tie top or tabbed curtains, or fabric attached to clip rings, attach the fabric to the curtain rods. You can also use shower curtain hooks or anything else that will move along the curtain rods and hold the weight of the fabric.

Grapevine Wreath

If you want a Renaissance or country garden look then using a grapevine wreath may be an idea that you will love. The wreath is attached parallel to the ceiling with six cup hooks and fishing line, allowing it to "float" above the head of the bed. Lightweight fabric is pulled through the wreath and attached to the wall with tiebacks. You can also just allow the fabric to flow down around the bed.

Fabrics to Use

Depending on the look you want, most homemade canopies look best with a lightweight, draped fabric. This does not have to be expensive if your budget cannot handle it. Some fabrics to consider are:

  • Tulle
  • Lace
  • Silk
  • Gauze
  • Satin
  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Synthetics

All of these are light and available in many colors. You can also use sheets, lightweight vintage quilts, or ready-made curtains.

When you love the look of a canopy but just are not ready to spend the cash on a real canopy bed try one of these projects. They are simple enough that you can change the look of your bedroom in a few hours with less than one hundred dollars. When it is this easy you can change the look with the seasons or with your mood.

Make Your Own Canopy Bed