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Outdoor Rocking Chair Cushions

Outdoor Rocking Chair Cushions

There are some special considerations to think about when purchasing outdoor rocking chair cushions. Not only do they need to be comfortable and provide the proper support, they need to stand up to the elements.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Spending a lazy evening sitting on a porch is a perfect summer pastime. Sitting on a rocking chair while doing it is even better. The rocking chair has been around for hundreds of years and while a few minor changes have been made, the basic design remains the same.

Outdoor rocking chairs are made from a variety of durable, weather resistant materials like wood or metal. They are rarely upholstered because the materials and fillings wouldn't stand up to outdoor use (they would get moldy and damaged).

Since they're often made of hard materials, cushions make rocking chairs much more comfortable. Outdoor cushions can be taken off chairs and put inside during bad weather, or replaced if they get too damaged. Cushions are ideal for outdoor rocking chairs, but there are some things to think about when purchasing them.

Styles of Rocking Chair Cushions

Outdoor chair cushions will give your rocker a stylish look. There are tons of colors available and you can get something that will match your outdoor décor or match the colors of nature. If your rocker is on a front porch you'll want to get cushions that complement the colors of the house as well as the furniture. Don't worry, it's not as hard as it seems. One of the great things about these cushions is that they are versatile and easy to remove. Try out different colors and see what works for you.

Outdoor Cushion Fabric

Fabrics that are kept outside will wear out faster than those kept inside. The colors will fade, the material will thin, and the seams will start to fray. Kept out in the elements, rocking chair cushions will start to come apart. Therefore choosing a fabric for outdoor cushions will require a bit of thought. Will your cushions be exposed to the sun, the rain, snow even? Will they be somewhere damp or dry? You'll want to get a fabric that is specifically made for outdoor use, and then decide if you need one that is water repellent and/or UV protected.

The most popular fabric for outdoor use is Sunbrella. It's available in a huge variety of styles and colors and stands up to the elements very well. Many outdoor furniture manufacturers use Sunbrella fabrics on their pieces.

Don't try to use an indoor cushion on an outdoor piece of furniture. You'll have problems with mold and mildew right away and the cushion will quickly get destroyed. Even if it's in a covered area, the damp air will still ruin it. Be sure to use a proper outdoor fabric. Choosing the proper fabric will ensure that your outdoor rocking chair cushions last from season to season.

Where to Buy Outdoor Rocking Chair Cushions

Most stores that sell patio furniture will also sell outdoor seat cushions. If you can't find what you're looking for, check out some online sources.

These are just three of the hundreds of online sources that sell cushions in outdoor fabrics. Stores like the Home Depot, Lowes, and other large hardware and home stores should also carry them.

Outdoor rocking chair cushions are available in all sorts of styles at a variety of prices. While it's always exciting to find a great deal, make sure that you purchase some that are good quality. They'll last longer and stand up to the wear and tear the weather inflicts on them.

Outdoor Rocking Chair Cushions