Painted Furniture Ideas

Fun Painted Furniture Ideas

There are endless painted furniture ideas to consider that will not cost you a lot of money but can make a big impact on the piece you are planning on painting. For example, a simple wooden chair can be transformed into something special with a new color of paint in a fresh color such as green.

Bright and Bold

Bright paint, such as the red used on these Adirondack chairs, can brighten up your old furniture. Use a bold color such as red to make a noticeable change and create a new look using an old piece of furniture.

Color, Color and More Color

Colorful paint, such as the ones used on these chairs, can make a statement without having to say much. Choose your favorite colors to reflect your individuality and add some fun and pizazz to your existing chairs.

Transform a Room

If you can't find furniture to match your room, then consider painting a piece yourself. A fresh coat of paint can pull a room together and create a well-coordinated look.

Use The Right Tools

Be sure to use the right tools. A brush works well on wooden furniture since it can get into all the grooves. A sponge applicator also works well. Choose a size that you feel comfortable with and that will allow you to get into all the parts of the furniture. You can use a small roller for large surfaces such as a tabletop so that you can get a smooth finish.

Be Original In Your Design

A rustic painted headboard, like this one, is a project that anyone can do. There are endless painted furniture ideas to consider as your next project. Stencils, paint and imagination are all you need to create lovely artwork. Have fun with your design and you will have an original piece of art.

Fun Colors To Try Out

Experiment with color. Don't be afraid to try something new. You can always change the color of a piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint. It can be fun to experiment with different colors. You may be surprised with the end result.

To get some more ideas for your furniture and fun pieces, check out Creative Ideas for Furniture pictures.

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Painted Furniture Ideas