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Papasan Chair

Papasan chairs (also known as mamasan chairs or bowl chairs) are becoming "in" again, but finding a papasan chair cushion can be a challenge. Many papasan cushions can be quite expensive, and many stores don't have a very wide selection, forcing you to purchase an ugly cushion that doesn't fit in with your home décor.

Finding A Papasan Chair Cushion

Papasan cushions and covers can be purchased at many stores online as well as possibly locally depending where you live. The benefit of shopping online is you can compare prices, shop at your favorite store, and have your new papasan cushion delivered directly to you. Whether you have a papasan chair with a sagging cushion or stained cushion that needs to be replaced, or if you need a new cushion for a new chair, there are several places you can look for a new cushion for your papasan chair. If you're on a budget, you can find papasan chair cushions cheap, with some under $100 and even free shipping depending on the store.

Stylish room interior with tropical leaves and papasan chair

American Rattan

This company specializes in wicker and rattan furniture, which is often what papasan chairs are made of. You can order papasan chair cushions for around $130. Their "ultra plush" cushions come in about 26 fun and stylish colors including cardinal, eggshell, grape, mojita lime and toffee. American Rattan also offers free shipping, which is a great deal considering the size and weight of shipping the cushions. The cushions also come with a one-year warranty. American Rattan also sells the rattan papasan chair frame on its own for about $200, or you can buy the chair and cushion combo for around $250.

Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market curates furniture from around the world and papasan chairs is one of its regular offerings. They have papasan chair cushions which sell for around $100 to $130. The cushions come in several colors and in faux fur or microsuede material. You can buy them online or visit your local store. Their cushions get high reviews from customers, with the microsuede version getting a 4.7 out of 5 stars and the faux fur version gets a 4.8. Reviewers say the cushions are thick and soft and are perfect for lounging around on a lazy day.

Cushion Source

Cushion Source is an online retailer that has cushions and pillows for just about every type of furniture. They carry custom papasan cushions for about $110. You can choose the fabric for the cushion from hundreds of colors, patterns and materials. Their fabric selections are appropriate for indoor as well as for outdoor papasan chair cushions. Since these cushions are custom made, order early as production takes about seven to eight weeks.


The online retail site carries a wide variety of papasan cushions from brands like YB&GQ, Cotton Craft, DULPLAY and many others. Prices range from $77 up to around $1,300 for larger outdoor papasan chairs. Amazon also carries double papasan chair cushions for around $146 to $164. You can also purchase the inner cushions if you only need the insert and are happy with your current cover. Cushion inserts start at around $25 up to about $300 depending on size and materials.


Browsing through the many individual sellers on Etsy can find you some excellent deals on papasan cushions. Many of these also are in colors and patterns that you may not find at the larger retailers. The Bombay Company's shop on Etsy sells papasan cushions in multi-colored patterned designs for around $38. Another popular store, Prolinemax, sells polyester papasan cushion replacements in several colors for about $56 or multi-color stripes for about $50.

The Slip Cover Shop

If your papasan chair is an irregular size or shape, you're in luck. The Slip Cover Shop specializes in made-to-order seat covers and cushions, and they can make papasan cushions to fit any size and shape of chair. Choose from a wide variety of materials and patterns, and order the papasan cover that fits your style, your budget, and your uniquely shaped chair.

Papasans Unlimited

Papasan covers from Papasan Unlimited's website are exciting and colorful. Mamasan, papasan, and loveseat cushions can all be purchased from Papasans Unlimited, along with relatively inexpensive papasan chair frames for the cushions you've already got. The store carries both regular size and double papasan chair cuhsions and zebra stripes, animal patterns, and other fun colors are available. Papasans Unlimited has cushions that are extremely thick-eight inches-so your papasan chair will always feel exceedingly comfy.

Replacing Your Papasan Chair Cushion

Papasan chairs are popular for their exotic appearance coupled with being a truly comfy spot to relax in your living room or patio. The more you love and use your chair, the more likely you'll be to need to replace your cushions or their covers at some point. Luckily there are many types of papasan cushions available at online retailers where you can find replacement cushions, or just buy some extras so you can rotate your chair's color scheme for a fun and easy update to your room's decoration.

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Popular Papasan Chair Cushion Retailers