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Papasan Chair

Papasan chairs (also known as mamasan chairs or bowl chairs) are becoming "in" again, but finding a papasan chair cushion for these pieces of work can be a challenge. A lot of the ones found for purchase are expensive, and many stores don't have a very wide selection, forcing you to purchase an ugly cushion that doesn't fit in with your home décor.

Finding A Papasan Chair Cushion

With the advent of the Internet, however, you've got plenty of options! Papasan cushions and covers can be purchased all over the place; you can compare prices, shop at your favorite store, and have them delivered directly to you.

If you're the adventurous type, you may also choose to make your own papasan chair cushion using easy-to-follow instructions online. The possibilities are nearly endless. So, whether you have a papasan with a sagging cushion or stained cushion that needs to be replaced, or if you need a new cushion for a new chair, there are several places you can look for a cushion for your papasan chair:

Where would you go on your first click other than to this great website, You'll find covers at this site for all your papasan chairs-the classic, the swivel-chair, even the papasan love seat. Covers and cushions here are available in a variety of color schemes and materials. Chenille cushions like those popular in the 1960s can be purchased from the website as well as cloth patterned designs and soft microsuede.

Papasans Unlimited

Papasan covers from Papasan Unlimited's website are exciting and colorful. Mamasan, papasan, and loveseat cushions can all be purchased from Papasans Unlimited, along with relatively inexpensive papasan chair frames for the cushions you've already got. Zebra stripes, animal patterns, and other fun colors are available. Papasans Unlimited has cushions that are extremely thick-eight inches-so your papasan chair will always feel exceedingly comfy.

Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 Imports' papasan chair gallery contains a number of unique papasan cushions that are available at extremely low prices. Cool patterns such as madras and ocelot are offset by more conventional ones, like floral prints and a soft rust-red colored cushion. Each papasan cushion is unique, and the prices on the website are truly hard to beat.

The Slip Cover Shop

If your papasan chair is an irregular size or shape, you're in luck. The Slip Cover Shop specializes in made-to-order seat covers and cushions, and they make papasan cushions to fit any size and shape of chair. Choose from a wide variety of materials and patterns, and order the papasan cover that fits your style, your budget, and your uniquely shaped chair.

Nextag Price Comparison

Everyone wants to find a great deal, and the Nextag website is the perfect place to do it. Here you can compare papasan cushions of all shapes and sizes in terms of price and get the best deal. Various retailers have their wares here for you to peruse and compare for a papasan chair cover that you like. You can even check out customer reviews so you'll know how satisfied other individuals were with their papasan cover purchase.

How to Make a Papasan Cushion

You don't have to be loaded to have a papasan chair cover that looks amazing and unique. With a few old pillows and some fabric, you can make one on your own. Wikihow lists extremely detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make a papasan cushion out of things you've already got lying around the house. It's not difficult, and you can save plenty of cash.

Papasan Solar Cooker

Once you've run out of options and you've decided just to junk your papasan chair, wait a moment! You don't necessarily need a papasan chair cushion to use the frame of your old papasan chair. Appropedia shows how to make an easy to use solar cooker out of your old papasan chair. Interesting and quirky, but also practical, this is a great how-to site for the creative and environmentally conscious individual.

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Papasan Chair Cushion