Papasan Couch


The papasan couch is a cute, comfortable, and inexpensive way to add more seating without taking up a lot of space. Lounge in one alone or invite someone to cuddle with you in front of a movie. They're built for two and have several additional names.

About the Papasan Couch

The papasan couch is sometimes referred to as the double papasan, the double papasan chair, the loveseat, or the mamasan. It generally can fit two people, but a single person can lounge in it and enjoy a good book, television, or just relax. The bases and the cushions are available in a wide range of colors and materials and are often sold separately. For example, the cushions at Papasan are available in micro suede or chenille in colors like black, burgundy, chocolate, eggshell, pink, red, rust, navy blue, and more. You can even find ottomans that match. If the cushions wear out, you won't always need to purchase a new papasan couch; simply purchase a new cushion to give your room an updated look.

The base is often made of rattan. While a papasan chair's base is most often round, the couch is an elongated version of that, maintaining its rounded effect but stretched into an oval shape with a wider base to accommodate two people instead of just one. The base of the papasan couch that sits on the floor is smaller in diameter than the section that houses the cushion. The seating area, or dish, scoops down and tilts back rather than remaining perfectly vertical from the base of the design to the very top of the couch. You may also readjust the dish to lie flat across the base, possibly even serving as a bed in a pinch.

Usage Ideas

A papasan couch is a potential answer to living spaces with limited floor area that still need adequate seating options for guests, or for teens' rooms (though a papasan chair may suffice there and fit more easily into an open corner). Studio apartments, for example, could utilize the compact size of the papasan style, and based on the variety of cushion patterns and colors, it would be easy to find one that will either blend in with your other furniture or be a bright focal point in the room. Since the frames are also available in neutral, unobtrusive tones, you should have no trouble matching any wooden or metallic tones in the room, either. There are also ottomans designed to match.

If you have a home office but you like for it to have more of a lighthearted vibe than a completely studious one, you could also put a papasan couch there. It could lend itself nicely to creative brainstorming when sitting upright at a desk will no longer do. They're also ideal for tcollege students freshly on their own because they're an inexpensive furniture item that is comfortable enough for friends and small enough for tiny apartments and maybe even some dorm rooms.

Where to Shop

You can find a papasan couch anywhere from Craigslist or eBay to stores like Pier 1 Imports or a number of stores online. Try:

A Final Word

The papasan couch isn't always the best choice as a focal point for the living room, especially if you have a large space to fill up. However, for smaller living spaces or extra seating, it is an option. The pricing is reasonable (often around $200 new) and they are available at many different types of stores. The nearly endless possibilities and ease of replacing cushions makes the papasan couch style versatile for many rooms and stages of life.

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