Patio Furniture Repair Parts


Regular maintenance of patio furniture will help keep it looking and functioning like new. Many repair parts and instructions on how to install them yourself can be found online.

Where to Find Patio Repair Parts

The following resources will ship the patio furniture parts you need right to your front door:

D&J Patio Furniture Repair

D&J Patio Furniture Repair not only has a large selection of outdoor furniture parts, they also offer:

  • Videos on strapping for single wrap, double wrap and single wrap tab
  • Videos on strapping for steel tab clip, D-wrap nail and aluminum S-clip
  • Instructions for recording a patio umbrella
  • Step by step instructions and pictures of how to apply vinyl lace
  • Step by step instructions and pictures of how to apply slings
  • Directions on how to measure for a strap

If you happen to live in Southern Arizona, the company has a physical location in Tucson. A convenient map is provided for locals.

Chair Care Patio

Chair Care Patio offers an extensive selection of replacement parts that fit most types of outdoor furniture. They also carry a wide variety of vinyl strapping and sell it by the roll, precut or in vinyl repair kits. Their selection of replacement slings includes slings to fit many name brand chairs, custom-made slings and sling fabric sold by the yard. In addition to parts, this company also offers:

  • How-to instructions for slings, vinyl straps and Homecrest Style
  • How-to videos on single wrap vinyl, double wrap vinyl and steel tab clip installation
  • How-to video on sling chair or chaise lounge installation

Samsonite Patio Furniture

Samsonite Patio Furniture carries repair parts for the original line of Samsonite steel framed furniture. Samsonite also sells a line of aluminum outdoor furniture called Halcyon. These parts are not suitable for the aluminum furniture and will only fit the steel line pieces. Also offered on this website are replacement slings and cushions for the steel framed furniture.

A Good Strapping Patio Shop

A Good Strapping Patio Shop specializes in restrapping and reweaving vinyl patio furniture. The company can repair the furniture for you in two locations, Arizona and Indiana (the Indiana location is called Patio Furniture Restorations). They also provide instructions on how to repair your own furniture. Other services include:

  • Umbrella repair
  • Welding
  • Repainting
  • Reslinging
  • Replacement cushions
  • Furniture parts

You also have the option of shipping your furniture for repair or arranging for pickup and delivery at the Indiana location. You can call or e-mail the company if you have questions.

Patios to Go

Patios To Go offers a line of outdoor PVC furniture replacement parts. They carry 40 furniture grade PVC fittings and pipes for repairing outdoor PVC furniture.

A+ Redemption Inc.

If you live in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio, A+ Redemption Inc. is the go to place for outdoor furniture repair parts. This company also offers complete restoration, repair or refurbishing of all types of outdoor furniture for both residential and commercial applications. For do-it-yourselfers, the company has a separate site called Patio Furniture Rehab, where you can find parts and support from an online community of people who have repaired their own patio furniture.

Patio Furniture Supplies

At Patio Furniture Supplies, you can find a complete line of patio furniture parts, including slings and umbrellas, vinyl straps, rivets and fabric by the yard. In addition, you can also find the tools you need to work on furniture and step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to:

  • Install vinyl straps
  • Measure slings and straps
  • Remove and install slings

Local Resources

if you need to make a quick repair before a planned event such as a pool party or backyard barbecue, be sure to check your local yellow pages or look online for a local outdoor furniture retailer in your area. You can also try your local home improvement or hardware stores to see what parts they may have in stock.

Protect Your Investment

Keeping your outdoor furniture in top condition is easy when you know where to find patio furniture repair parts. Investing in outdoor furniture covers may also help cut down on repair costs in the future.

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