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Pictures of Wooden Shelves

Pictures of Wooden Shelves

Look at pictures of wooden shelves to get ideas of styles and arrangements that you like. There are endless decorating possibilities when it comes to shelves. Be creative with a design that reflects your own personal style.

Storage Solutions

Wooden shelves can hold anything you want displayed or accessed easily. Store your favorite books on shelves so they are always within your reach.

In The Kitchen

Shelves in the kitchen can hold a wide range of items from herbs to utensils. They add extra storage space and a decorative element to any area of the kitchen needing it.

Built In Shelves

Wooden shelves can be built into the wall to blend in with the room. This picture shows wooden bookshelves that have been built in as a design feature of the room. They can hold books and anything else you wish to display.

For The Nursery

A wooden shelf is great when used in a nursery. It can hold all of baby’s necessities and keep them out of reach while still looking appealing. A shelf can keep you organized and let you have everything you need within reach.

Shelves in The Closet

Wooden shelves are useful in a custom closet. The ones pictured here are useful to keep you organized. They can hold shoes, handbags and clothes. Shelves can be built in different sizes and lengths to accommodate your needs.

Get Inspired!

Browsing the various pictures of wooden shelves is a great way to get inspiration for your own decorating. From photos to candles, shelves are a great solution for an otherwise plain wall.

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Pictures of Wooden Shelves