Pool Table Dining Top

Pool Table Dining Top

A pool table dining top is a two-for-one deal. Now you don't have to argue with your spouse or children over a recreation room versus a dining room.

Pros and Cons of a Pool Table Dining Top

The most obvious "pro" is versatility. If you don't have a large enough home to accommodate separate spaces for a pool and dining table, this combination can make a great deal of sense. However, you must keep several things in mind:

  • Pool tables require enough space to properly shoot, and your dining room may be too small.
  • Pool tables are a few inches higher than the typical dining table, so you may have to purchase special chairs.
  • You may need storage space for the tabletop when the pool table is in use, depending on its construction.
  • You will also need storage space for the dining chairs when not in use.

Dining and Pool Table in One

If you don't own a pool table yet and have plenty of money to spend, purchase a dining and pool table in one. They are available in a variety of elegant, traditional or streamlined modern designs. Your dinner party guests would have no clue that your beautiful dining table can multitask as a pool table! Many models incorporate swivel tops so conversion is a snap and you don't have to worry about lifting a heavy tabletop or finding a place to store it.

Conversion Dining Top for Pool Table

A more budget friendly option, especially if you already own a pool table, is to buy a conversion dining top. Check with your pool table's manufacturer as many sell these tops to coordinate with the tables, or measure your pool table and find one that is a match.

Make Your Own Dining Top

For those who are handy with tools, another option is to make your own dining top for an existing pool table. Begin by carefully measuring your pool table. A lightweight and inexpensive option is to cut Styrofoam to fit and face it with wood veneer. You may also use veneered plywood with some edging to create a finished look. Consider making the tabletop in two pieces so it is easier to remove and store.

Where to Purchase

If making your own pool table dining top is not within your skill set, there are a variety of options on the market to suit your needs:

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Pool Table Dining Top