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Pool Table Pictures

Reviewing Pool Table Pictures

If you're thinking about outfitting a game room in your home, reviewing pool table pictures can be a great source of inspiration for you!

Attractive Pool Table

A pool table can be an attractive and enjoyable addition to the décor of any large room, such as an open floor plan family room, bonus room, or special purpose game room.

Consider Available Space

Before you bring a pool table home, consider whether or not you have sufficient place to set up the table and enjoy playing on it, as well as for other activities likely to take place in the area you've designated as the game room.

Keep Pool Table Downstairs

While many homes have second floor bonus rooms, you may want to consider keeping your pool table in the lower level of your home. Navigating a staircase with a heavy pool table – even when it's broken down – can be quite difficult. If you hire someone to install a pool table upstairs, expect to pay a premium fee, and don’t be surprised if you have to repair wall damage after the job is complete.

Coordinate Felt Color

While dark green is the most common felt color for pool tables, it's certainly not the only option. When you purchase a pool table, you're making an investment in a lasting piece of furniture that you can expect to enjoy for decades. Be sure to select a felt color that coordinates with the overall décor of the room where the table will be displayed and used!

Enjoy Playing Pool Outside

If you have a covered outdoor living space, you may want to consider an outside pool table rather than taking up room in your home with one. Be sure the table you select is designed for outdoor use so that you can expect it to hold up through all kinds of weather conditions.

Combine Media and Game Room

A pool table can be a terrific addition to any media room! Why not keep your home entertainment system and gaming equipment in the same room? You'll have a spot that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

More Media & Game Room Ideas

See Furniture Ideas for a Media Room for more tips on outfitting the most fun room in your house!

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Pool Table Pictures