Replacement Cushions for Lawn Furniture

Patio Chair Cushions

Replacement cushions for lawn furniture need to be purchased every couple of seasons in order to keep outdoor furniture looking its best. When the cushions on your furniture become worn, torn or just plain uncomfortable, head online to look for replacements.

Where to Buy

You can find great resources online for lawn furniture replacement cushions:

Cushion Source

If you want a custom look for your outdoor furniture, Cushion Source is the place to go to design your own unique look. You will find instructions on how to measure your outdoor furniture for the best fit. Then choose the color, style and pattern you want from the company's large fabric gallery, which features a private line of fabrics by Highland Taylor. Your new custom cushions are made right here in the USA and you get a free flag with every order. If you need your cushions quickly, you can also order ready-made cushions that can ship right away.

Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor Cushions offers ready-made or custom cushions for a variety of outdoor furniture types. This company offers Sunbrella fabric exclusively for replacement cushions. You can also find patio umbrellas here as well.

Custom Cushions

Custom Cushions also offers Sunbrella fabrics for custom replacement cushions and offers the option for matching patio umbrellas. Be sure to measure carefully, as you cannot cancel your order once it has been placed.

Summer Living Direct

If you would like to have some fabric samples sent to you, Summer Living Direct will provide samples for two dollars each. This company also provides detailed information about the type of fabrics they sell, including what they're made from, the texture, feel, durability and care instructions. You can also find closeout cushions on sale.

Wicker Paradise

Wicker Paradise has been in operation since 1982 and today has a 3,000 square-foot showroom and a large network of warehouses. While Wicker Paradise doesn't have a customizable feature on their website, you can still choose from a wide variety of cushions made from more than 120 outdoor fabrics that are water resistant, mold/mildew resistant, fade resistant, and pre-Scotch Guarded for durability.

Outdoor Rooms Direct

With more than 100 patio cushions and 100 fabrics to pick from, Outdoor Rooms Direct provides homeowners with hundreds of options for finding the perfect outdoor furniture replacement cushions. While these cushions are a little more expensive than the other sites (from around $75 to $125), they are high-quality and well worth the extra penny. Once you have chosen the type of cushion you want, the next step is picking the perfect fabric. Most custom orders are finished and shipped within 10-15 days.

Tips for Buying Replacement Cushions for Lawn Furniture

outdoor furniture

The most important thing to do when buying replacement cushions for outdoor furniture is to get ones that are specifically made for outdoor use. Having cushions made out of an outdoor fabric like Sunbrella will ensure that your cushions don't fade or break down for a significant period of time. Sunbrella is made to withstand the elements and is fade, moisture, and UV-resistant. In addition:

  • Test out the cushions and make sure they're comfortable. Long nights spent dining al fresco become less pleasurable when you're sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Make sure the cushions you choose are comfortable and offer the proper support so you and your guests can stay out in the nice weather as long as possible.
  • Try to get pillows that have Velcro or string ties to attach them to the chairs or benches. This will make sure that the pillows stay in place when you sit down, but it also makes it easier to remove and clean them when necessary.
  • Check the manufacturer's warranty. While many of us only think about warranties for items like electronics and appliances, it's important to check them out for other items as well. Outdoor pillows should have at least a one-year warranty (hopefully longer). It's a good indicator that the manufacturer has faith in the product.
  • Don't forget to think about color and style. The cushions you choose should complement the décor and either blend in or stand out depending on your personal style. Consider the other colors you have in your outdoor space. What colors do you have in the garden? What color is the house or other structure they'll be near? All the colors should work together to create a pretty and stylish outdoor space.

Quality First

When buying replacement cushions for lawn chairs, you don't need to buy the most expensive ones on the market, but try not to get the cheapest either. Like anything else, always weigh the quality versus the cost. A cheap cushion will likely break down faster than one of a better quality. Remember this before you buy and try to find something that will last for many seasons to come.

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Replacement Cushions for Lawn Furniture