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Retro Outdoor Furniture

Terry Hurley
Two retro metal lawn chairs

From spring back metal chairs and glider loveseats to barrel strap chairs and sling chaise lounges, decorating with retro outdoor furniture is a fun way to bring vintage charm to your outside areas.

Nostalgia Charm of Retro Lawn and Patio Furniture

For many people, retro lawn and patio furniture brings back happy nostalgic memories of earlier times. Some remember sitting on metal lawn chairs sipping iced tea and munching on freshly baked chocolate chip cookies just out of grandma's oven, while others may think of being giddy teenagers talking about a special school dance or the latest hit song on American Bandstand with a best friend as they both rocked on a two-seat porch glider. However, you do not need to have a special memory attached to a type of retro furniture to have fun decorating your outdoor areas with these charming furniture styles from years past.

Styles of Retro Outdoor Furniture

Retro furniture generally refers to pieces and styles from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. During that thirty-year time period several different styles of outdoor furniture became popular, each unique in its design. Popular styles include:

  • Metal shell back furniture
  • Metal spring back furniture
  • Metal bouncers
  • Metal gliders
  • Metal loveseats
  • Aluminum frame folding lawn chairs, rockers and chaise lounges with nylon webbed seats and backs
  • Aluminum frame chairs, rockers and chaise lounges with vinyl lacing
  • Steel framed furniture
  • Wire rod chairs by Knoll
  • Scrolled wrought iron garden and patio sets
  • Wire mesh tables and chairs
  • Wood and metal styles
  • Sling chairs and chaise lounges
  • Glass topped dining, garden and side tables

Finding Retro Furniture for Outdoor Living Spaces

Are you looking for mid-century modern outdoor furniture by top designers such as Bruce Hannah, Richard Schultz or Harry Bartola, steel framed Samsonite patio furniture or shellback chairs, webbed lounges or wire mesh side tables originally sold at big box and department stores of the time? The Internet provides access to many online businesses offering original and reproduction pieces of retro furniture for the outside areas of your home. Companies that sell original restored and unrestored retro lawn furniture do not have a constant stock of an item. They can only offer what they can find from various sources.

Metro Retro Furniture

Metro Retro Furniture offers stylish mid-century modern furniture for both inside and outside your home. Furniture styles include the clean simple lines of designers such as Paul McCobb, the bold designs of Charles Eames and the sophisticated designs of Milo Baughmand.

The following are examples of beautiful outdoor retro pieces available from Metro Retro Furniture:

  • A pair of red French metal armchairs made in France in 1970, in the style of Harry Bertoia and Pierre Paulin
  • A fun pair of planter chairs from the 1960s.
  • A pair of beautiful 1960s red lounge chairs designed by Andrew Morrison and Bruce Hannah
  • A wire mesh chair and side table, circa 1950 in the Woodard style
  • Bertoia style arm chairs, circa 1950s
  • A fiberglass fish-shaped chaise lounge, circa 1960
  • A set of four outdoor folding chairs made of iron and wood in Rentweinsdorf Bayern, Germany, circa 1960. The chairs were made in the style of Denis Balland.

Vintage Glider

Vintage Glider carries gliders plus a lot more. The company offers a wonderful selection of original retro metal furniture that has been restored to a beautiful finish. Many of the gliders have beautiful, unique, cutout patterned designs such as basket weave, starburst, lattice and pie crust. In addition to many styles of two- and three-seat gliders, the company also carries:

  • Sweetheart swings
  • Loveseats
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Glider accessories

Vintage Gliders offers customers the option of purchasing completely restored pieces, choosing an unfinished piece and having it powder-coated in their choice of more than sixty colors, or buying reproduction retro metal furniture.

Vintage Metal Chairs

Vintage Metal Chairs provides customers with a great selection of vintage lawn furniture to bring a feeling of yesteryear to your outside areas. Color choices range from bright eye-popping primary colors and old time favorites such as turquoise, pink or lime green to muted tones of baby blue and sea foam green. Vintage Metal Chairs offers fully restored vintage and retro furniture including:

  • Chairs
  • Bouncers
  • Gliders
  • Wood framed beach chairs
  • Unique designer pieces

Many people enjoy using pieces of retro outdoor furniture inside their homes as accent pieces as they add a sense of fun and retro chic to the room.

Retro Outdoor Furniture