How to Reweb a Lawn Chair

Nylon Lawn Chair Webbing

Reweb a lawn chair that's become stretched and faded instead of buying new outdoor chairs. If done properly it will last a long time and save you money. Swapping out the old webbing for new webbing on aluminum chairs is simple because it's usually fastened to the chair with rivets or screws. Purchase new webbing at hardware and home improvement stores, as well as nurseries, garden centers and Amazon.

Instructions to Reweb a Lawn Chair

Between the elements and all the people (and sometimes animals) that use them, lawn chairs can take quite a beating. The ones that have webbing in the seat suffer the most. While you want your lawn chairs looking their best, what's even more important is to make sure they're safe. When the webbing is damaged, people can fall through and potentially really hurt themselves. But if you learn how to reweb a lawn chair you can easily fix this problem.

  • Measure the existing webbing to see how much you will need. Nylon webbing is usually sold in rolls so you'll need to know how many feet you need. Also make sure that you get webbing of the right width. Lawn chairs usually use webbing that is 2-1/4 inches wide. It's also available in a wide variety of colors so choose one that will complement your outdoor décor.
  • Screws are sometimes included with the webbing, but if not, you'll want to pick up some new ones (along with washers).
  • Remove the screws from the chair and throw them away. There's a good chance they'll be rusty and it's much better to use new ones. If the webbing is attached with pop rivets, drill them with a tiny drill bit and remove them. Throw them away. When you replace the webbing you'll use new screws.
  • Measure the webbing by running it across the length of the chair. Add two or three inches to the length so that it can be folded under when it's attached. Cut the new webbing.
  • Begin with the back of the chair seat and lay the webbing from side to side across the seat, fastening it at the bottom of the frame. Fold the ends under and then push the screws and washer into the frame. Continue until the chair length is finished. It may sound a bit confusing, but you're basically just repeating the same pattern that was already there.
  • Next you'll want to attach the first piece of webbing that will run the length of the chair (front to back). Weave it over and under the pieces of webbing already attached. Attach the end of the webbing as you did before.
  • Once the seat is done, repeat the process with the back of the chair.

Simple Fix

Webbed lawn chairs are actually very easy to fix, and fixing them is far less expensive than replacing your outdoor furniture. If you have old outdoor furniture that needs fixing, consider learning how to reweb lawn chairs. It's a quick and easy project that will save you money.

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