Rugged Outdoor Wood Dining Table Pictures

Rugged Outdoor Wood Dining Table Ideas

It helps to review pictures of a rugged outdoor wood dining table before buying one for your patio, deck, or garden area. Once you find the look you want, don't wait any longer to start enjoying meals outdoors with your family and friends.

Farm Table With Benches

Nothing says, "Let's eat!" better than an farm table with rustic outdoor benches. You can dress up a rugged farm table with a colorful table runner and a bouquet of summer flowers.

Rustic Harvest Table

You can add a little flavor to your outdoor dining experience. Choose a harvest table with a distressed wood top. Add a mix of colorful chairs chairs for relaxing outside dining area.

Deck Dining Table

You can transform a plain deck into a new outdoor living space when you add a simple wood dining table. A mix of seating options create an eclectic new way to enjoy your deck.

Rugged Forest Picnic Tables

These rugged picnic tables feature wide unfinished plank tops. The thick planks are also used for rough benches. Set under lofty pines, this type of rugged dining table blends into the forest setting.

Makeshift Dining Table Using Boards and Sawhorses

You can quickly assemble a fun rugged dining table using a pair of sawhorses and several thick wood planks. Keep your makeshift table as a permanent outdoor dining area or quickly disassemble when the meal is over.

Weathered Table and Chairs

A modest weathered table and chairs may be the ideal choice for your garden deck. Add red cushions and keep a standalone umbrella to shade you from the afternoon sun.

Farm Breakfast Table

Life on the farm can have its perks. A rugged outdoor dining table with a matching lounge and chairs makes an enchanting setting for an early breakfast. This dining choice is guaranteed to help start your day off right.

Round Wood and Metal Table

A round rustic wood and metal table can be paired with any type of metal or wood chairs. If your outdoor dining space is limited, a round table will take up less room than a square or rectangle table.

Oversized Kitchen Worktable

Relegate an oversized wood kitchen worktable to the outdoors to accommodate a large family or gathering. You may decide this table serves you better outside and encourages you to host big meals more often.

Farmhouse Style Table and Chairs

An outdoor farmhouse dining table with a distressed gray finish may be perfect for yard dining just off a gray deck. You can add chairs in a matching finish for a very cohesive yet chic look.

Redwood and Metal Collapsible Table

You don't have to worry about this redwood table set on a collapsible frame. You can enjoy dining in the backyard and then fold the table and matching chairs to store until the next time you wish to dine outdoors. You may decide to leave this table outside for easy use.

Cable Spool Converted Into Dining Table

This table is easy to make, simply turn an old cable spool onto one end. This rugged table is substantial and will last for years. Place a grouping of potted plants for a permanent centerpiece.

Very Rugged Table From Tree Trunks

You can make a very rugged outdoor table by cutting a tree trunk into four equal lengths. Brace with two equal lengths of a young willow or simliar tree. Add several boards cut to fit and you have an instant rough primitive style dining table.

Repurposed Pallet Table

An old pallet can be repurposed by disassembling it and using the lumber to build a unique table design. You can recreate one like this picture or design a different style. This is a great project for anyone who is eco-minded.

Rugged Outdoor Wood Dining Table Pictures

There are many pictures of rugged outdoor wood dining tables to inspire you. Select a few designs that speak to you and envision how each may look in your outdoor space. You'll quickly discover the one that's ideal for you.

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Rugged Outdoor Wood Dining Table Pictures