Rugged Outdoor Wood Dining Table Pictures

Rugged Outdoor Wood Dining Table

Are you looking for a rugged outdoor wood dining table? There are many options to choose from when you're looking to outfit your patio, deck, or other outdoor living space with a table where you can enjoy meals with your friends and family members.

Durable Teak Table

Because teak is so strong and weather resistant, it is the perfect option for rugged outdoor wood dining tables and other exterior furniture pieces.

Creative Use for a TV Tray

You can attach a large butcher's block or wood cutout to the base of a simple, inexpensive TV tray to create a practical and attractive rugged outdoor wood dining table.

Round Dining Table

There's no reason that your outdoor dining table has to be square or oblong. Consider converting an isolated corner of your outdoor living space into an intimate dining space with a round café table.

Sidewalk Café Table

A simple café style table made from slats of finished wood, paired with matching chairs, is a great solution for outdoor dining.

Wooden Tabletop with Metal Base

Consider a table that consists of a wooden top mounted on a metal base for a lovely outdoor seating area.

Traditional Picnic Table

For a traditional outdoor dining option, there's no better choice than a standard picnic table crafted from treated wood.

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Rugged Outdoor Wood Dining Table Pictures