Sell My Used Furniture

How to Price Used Furniture

How can I sell my used furniture? If you have furniture items that you no longer need, this question is probably one that you've been wondering about.

How Can I Sell My Used Furniture?

There are several ways that you can market your used office furniture or home furnishings to people who are looking to outfit their homes on a budget.

Classified Advertising

People who are in the market for used furniture often check printed and online classified advertising websites to locate pieces offered for sale in their local area. Advertising in these types of publications can be a great way to get your "furniture for sale" announcements in front of people who are looking for the very thing you have to offer.

While most printed publications that take classified ads - such as daily newspapers and weekly shopper publications - charge a small fee, you can list items for sale on websites like Craig's List and for no charge.

Consignment Shop

Take your unwanted furnishings to a consignment shop in your area. The shopkeeper will work with you to set a fair price and display the items you want to sell in the retail location. In exchange for this service, the store will keep a percentage of the sale price of the furniture.

Even though you aren't able to keep the entire purchase price, working with a consignment store can be an excellent option, as these types of retailers tend to have built-in customer bases and will handle all of the marketing and selling for you. You won't have to field phone calls or let people you don't know into your home when you work with a consignment store instead of running a classified ad to attract buyers for your used furniture.

Online Auction

You may want to try your hand at selling used furniture on eBay or another online auction website. This can be a great option if you aren't sure how much you can realistically expect to get for the items you want to sell but you want to earn as much as possible. Since customers bid against each other in an online option, the price may end up much higher than you would have thought to ask. However, it could also end up very low. To avoid selling your pieces at rock bottom prices, you may want to set a minimum starting bid or reserve amount on each item offered for auction.

Additionally, keep in mind that the cost of shipping furniture may be prohibitive to auction participants located outside of your local area.

Hold a Yard Sale

used furniture sale

Consider holding a yard sale to sell unwanted furniture and other household items that you no longer want or need. Select a weekend when you are likely to have a good weather, take out an advertisement in the local newspaper, post the event on online classified ad websites, and hang signs around your neighborhood to attract customers. Price the items you want to sell fairly and be prepared to haggle with potential buyers, as yard sale shoppers are likely looking to get the most for their money. Additionally, you'll need to decide ahead of time whether or not you will include or offer furniture delivery, or if buyers will be responsible for picking up the items they purchase on the day of the sale.

Time to Decide

Now you have several tips and suggestions to help you find new owners for the home furnishings that you no longer need. It's up to you to decide which sell my used furniture option is best for your particular situation.

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