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DIY Patio Chair Cushion Decor Ideas

Beautiful Updates for Your Patio Cushions

Try these patio chair cushion decor ideas for fun and easy DIY projects to give your outdoor living space a facelift. You don't have to be a sewing wizard or a craft expert to bring a custom look to your patio or deck.

Make Simple, No-Sew Seat Cushions

If you have square or rectangular patio chair cushions, you won't even need a sewing machine to give them a fresh new look. Here's how to do it:

  1. Simply buy two yards of outdoor fabric in your choice of color and some fabric glue.
  2. Remove the existing cushion fabric.
  3. Wrap the cushions in the outdoor fabric, trimming so that it overlaps a little on each surface. Pretend your a wrapping a gift.
  4. Use fabric glue to secure the fabric where it overlaps. Allow it to dry and enjoy!

Sew Some New Cushion Covers

If you like sewing, cushion covers are an easy and rewarding project. The process for sewing cushions is easy and great for beginners, whether you use the existing cushion inserts or start from scratch.

Make Long Cushions for Chaise Lounges

You can make custom cushions for a chaise lounge too. In fact, the process is the same as for a regular patio chair. You simply need to measure the chaise lounge and make the cushion rectangular. If you want the cushion to be more flexible, cut the insert in sections and sew a seam between each one.

Stack Two Thin Cushions Together

For a flexible design, make each cushion thinner. You can stack two together for a luxurious look or use just one for a more streamlined approach. These are easy to store, since the thinner design bends for stowing in a deck box. To make a thinner cushion, just use a thinner insert.

Pillow-Style Cushions for Chairs

You don't have to make cushions that are perfectly tailored to fit the chairs. Instead, you can make simple no-sew pillows to toss in Adirondack chairs. These have a casual vibe, and you can make them in any outdoor fabric to complement your style.

DIY Cushions for Outdoor Dining Chairs

Outdoor dining chairs can be hard and uncomfortable, but you can make your patio dining set more comfy with simple flat cushions for the chairs. These are an easy project, whether you choose to do a no-sew design or sew them yourself. Because the cushions are nearly flat, you only need to worry about joining two fabric surfaces.

Add Ties to Patio Chair Cushions

You can keep cushions from moving around or blowing in the wind by adding simple ties to affix them to the chair. If you are making the cushions, you can place the ties in a seam. Otherwise, pick up some sturdy ribbon from the craft store and sew or pin it to the back of the cushions. Then tie the cushions in place.

Paint Cushions for a Custom Look

Want to give your cushions a custom look without making new ones? Use fabric paint to create a pattern of stripes or a fun design. You mask off areas you don't want to paint or use stencils to add a cool motif in your choice of color.

Give Your Patio a New Look

Have fun choosing fabric for your chair cushions. As long as the manufacturer says it's weather-resistent or approved for outdoor use, you can try it. No matter what style of cushions you decide on, consider mixing patterns and solids for a fun and vibrant look that will give your patio furniture a whole new feel.

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DIY Patio Chair Cushion Decor Ideas