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Webbing for Pool Furniture

Terry Hurley
Lounges by a pool

You may be surprised to learn that replacing webbing for pool furniture is a simple do-it-yourself project that brings new life to your old outdoor furniture.

Webbed Furniture and Safety

If you love lounging by your pool or simply relaxing in the outdoors on a webbed chair, making sure the webbing is in good condition is important to your safety. Over time and with use, most pieces of outdoor webbed furniture, also called strap furniture, become worn and damaged. Webbing often frays, dries out or tears. Strapping stretches and sags.

Sitting or lounging on webbed furniture that is in poor condition can lead to an accident since falling through the seat is a strong possibility. Even if your pool furniture is not in disrepair, you may want to replace the webbing to give it a new modern updated look using a bright new color.

Finding Replacement Webbing for Pool Furniture

Although some replacement furniture webbing is available at many big box home and garden centers, the Internet provides access to companies that carry large selections of webbing styles, colors and sizes.

Before purchasing new webbing, check the furniture to determine if your piece is vintage or contemporary as the webbing sizes are different. Aluminum framed webbed furniture made before 1990 has webbing that is 2-1/4 inches in width while pieces made after 1990 has webbing that is 3 inches in width. If the piece still has the old webbing on it, simply measure the width. If you only have the frame, measure the holes drilled in the frame to make sure the width of the webbing will fit.

Chair Care Patio

Chair Care Patio offers an excellent selection of replacement webbing for vintage and contemporary aluminum backyard, pool or patio chairs. Made in the United States, the webbing is available in 2-1/4 and 3-inch widths and is sold by the roll or in kits. Each kit contains twenty-eight clips, 50 feet of webbing and complete instructions on rewebbing. Each webbing roll is 300 feet in length. The selection of colors is beautiful with a nice variety of solids, stripes and patterns.Chair Care Patio also carries an extensive line of replacement vinyl strapping for outdoor pool and patio furniture in more than fifty bright, vibrant colors. Made in the United States, the 1/8 inch thick strapping is pure 100 percent virgin vinyl and does not contain any fillers. You can order vinyl strapping by the roll, in pre-cut strips, in kits and in mini kits.

The precut straps are custom-made to the customer's specifications and include two rivets per strap. Strap kits include 200 feet of replacement strapping in either 1-1/2 or 2-inch widths. Vinyl strapping rolls are available plain and textured in the following lengths and widths:

  • 5/8 inch in a 900-foot roll
  • 1 inch in a 225-foot roll
  • 1-1/2 inch in 50, 100 and 200 foot rolls
  • 2 inches in 50, 100 and 200 foot rolls

The website also provides written how-to instructions for replacing both webbing and strapping and how-to videos that show both steel tab clip and double wrap vinyl strap installation.

D & J Patio Furniture Repair

D & J Patio Furniture Repair carries vinyl strapping, lacing and cording in a variety of sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to 2 inches. They offer their products in several dozen colors in a choice of plain or textured vinyl.

Also included on the website are written how-to instructions on applying strapping and video instructions and demonstrations that include:

  • Single wrap strapping
  • Double wrap strapping
  • D-wrap nail strapping
  • Steel tab clip strapping
  • Single wrap tab strapping
  • Aluminum S-clip strapping

A+ Redemption - Patio and Pool Restoration

A+ Redemption - Patio and Pool Restoration provides replacement webbing for pool furniture including 1-1/2 and 2-inch vinyl strapping and chair slings. The straps for do-it-yourselfers are sold precut and are available in approximately 50 color choices. The company also specializes in pool and patio furniture restoration work including chair webbing and lacing on Tropitone and Brown Jordan pool and patio furniture.

New webbing for pool furniture can give your pieces a fresh new look while providing you with a safe, comfortable place to relax and enjoy the nice weather.

Webbing for Pool Furniture