Wicker Chair Cushions

About Wicker Chair Cushions

You can easily change the look or feel of a sunroom, casual family room, our outdoor living space with new wicker chair cushions. Once you've invested in quality wicker pieces, you can easily update your interior décor simply by changing out seat and back cushions. What could be easier – or more affordable?

Color Coordinate Cushions

Create a finished look by coordinating the color of your wicker furniture cushions with the wall color in the room or outdoor area where the pieces are used.

Choose Exterior Quality

If your wicker chairs will be used out of doors, be sure to select cushions that are intended for outdoor use. Verify that the quality of any wicker chair cushions you are considering purchasing is such that they'll stand up to extreme temperatures and be resistant to damage from rain and exposure to sunlight.

Comfort is Key

When selecting cushions for your wicker chairs, be sure to consider comfort! After all, while cushions can enhance the décor of your home, no one wants to sit in a chair that isn't comfortable.

Enhance with Throw Pillows

Embellish your wicker chairs in terms of style and comfort with color coordinated throw pillows.

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Seasonal Update

Give your wicker chairs a quick seasonal update by changing the cushions to a pattern that reflects the current time of year.

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Wicker Chair Cushions