Amanda Computer Armoire

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Want a place to stash your home office essentials?

If you want to house nearly your entire home office in a single furniture fixture, the Amanda computer armoire may be the perfect solution for you.

About the Amanda Computer Armoire

The Amanda computer armoire is more than a desk. It's more than a pretty piece of furniture you can close the doors on and hide a computer monitor behind. There's room for books, supplies, papers and more. If you're used to having to scatter your supplies around the house in order to keep them out of sight and uncluttered, you're in luck. With this piece, you can keep them all in one spot and out of your guests' view.

The finish is beech veneer with pewter accents and the shelves are adjustable based on your needs. There are glass panels in the front, but they're frosted so the view of your documents, computer, and other work clutter is obscured. The armoire is available in three finishes: dark brown, cherry, and natural beech. The dimensions are 58" x 58" x 25". Two doors open to reveal your office space behind the frosted glass.

Reviews for the Armoire

At, the Amanda computer armoire got 3.6 of 5.0 stars based on 10 reviews. Overall reviews are mixed. One reason for this is that many reviewers mention having some difficulty putting the armoire together once. It could take two people to assemble. Some reviewers feel that the armoire is too expensive for the level of quality and also assert and that it's not as durable as the description suggests.

Though some customers were dissatisfied with their Amanda armoire purchase, others said it was surprisingly durable, sturdy and beautiful. There is also plenty of storage space for those who need it. One reviewer even commented that the armoire came with the best instructions and even labeled nuts and bolts.

Not Available

If you've got your heart set on this armoire, you'll be disappointed to find that it has been discontinued and is a challenge to find. You may be able to locate a used Amanda armoire on sites like eBay or Craigslist.

Other similar styles that may be of interest include:

  • The Artisan Office Center: This armoire is a bit larger than the Amanda version and costs roughly $200 more. It's available in light oak, dark oak and Macintosh oak. While there is no frosted glass on the front of this one, it still tucks away your home office in a beautifully artistic way.
  • The French Country Computer Armoire: This style comes in sage green and antique white. It's smaller than the Amanda style, but may fill up a spare corner of a room nicely. There are two doors that open side-by-side to reveal your computer and other office supplies when you're ready. You can easily tuck work away and leave the armoire on display as the beautiful furniture piece that it is.
  • Computer Armoire in Coffee: This armoire has four doors that open up to uncover a monitor, computer, dry erase board and corkboard in addition to other storage space. It's made of wood and wood veneer in a coffee finish. It isn't as large as the Amanda option, nor does it offer quite as much storage space. It's a good pick for those who don't keep a lot of clutter in their office space.

Choosing Your Computer Armoire

Even If you can't find the Amanda armoire for your computer that you were hoping to find, there are several out there that are similar in size, color options, and setup. Be sure to measure the space you hope to fill before you purchase your armoire and take into account how much additional space you'll need when the doors are open.

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Amanda Computer Armoire