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Black Leather Couches

Michelle Radcliff
sexy black leather couch

If you're searching for attractive furniture that goes with everything, consider black leather couches. This type of furniture will match a wide variety of décors.

Sleek and Sexy

You might not think of describing living room furniture with words like sleek and sexy. However, if any furniture deserves a title like this, it would be black leather couches. After all, black leather has become synonymous with sexy.

You don't have to be a bachelor or rock star to own a black leather sofa. Black is a neutral color that will go well with just about any other color you can imagine. However, this type of couch will not work with all styles of décor. Can you imagine how awkward a black leather sofa would look in a shabby chic, cottage style home? It would certainly clash in a Victorian style setting as well.

A couch like this would go great with modern, contemporary style décor. A black leather sofa could also work in a rustic style setting, depending on the design of the furniture.

Options for Black Leather Couches

If you have a contemporary style home, a black leather sectional couch would be a good option. Some sectionals include a recliner and a pull-out sleeper bed. Sectional couches work well with open floor plans and can be used as a room divider. Using the L-shaped configuration of a sectional couch allows you to create a pseudo-hallway when placed parallel to an existing wall. Sectionals also allow you to rearrange the pieces to create a variety of seating options.

You can also find reclining sofas in black leather. A reclining sofa is similar to a reclining chair except it is larger. There are two styles of reclining sofas. Some styles recline fully, with the foot rest extending outward while the back lays flat. Other styles simply have an extending foot rest. A reclining sofa requires extra space behind the sofa, especially if it fully reclines.

If space is limited, you may opt for a smaller, single piece black leather sofa that sits 3 to 4 people comfortably. Single piece couches come in a variety of styles, from traditional to ultra modern designs.

Types of Leather

The type of leather used to upholster a black leather sofa will make a big difference in the price. The finest and most expensive type of leather is full grain leather. Full grain leather has minimal chemical treatments applied to it and the entire hide of the animal is used. The next most desirable leather would be top grain leather, in which the top layers of the hide are used. The look and feel of these two premium types of leather actually improve with age, as the leather gets softer while remaining very durable.

A less expensive type of leather couch would be made from split leather. Split leather is made from the layers of hide below the top layers used to make top grain leather. Split leather couches can be treated to look like the more expensive premium leather couches.

If you are opposed to the idea of using real animal hide to cover your couch, you can opt for a faux leather couch. In the past, fake leather products were usually poor quality, with little resemblance to real leather. Today, with the many advances in the technology of making faux leather, it is much harder to tell the difference between real leather and fake leather. High quality faux leather furniture is easier to clean and less expensive than real leather. However, a faux leather couch might last 10-20 years at best, while a real leather couch will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Where to Buy

Once you have considered all the options for what type of black leather (or faux leather) couch to buy, you can begin to shop around and look for the best deals on the style that suits you best. Try the following online retailers:

Finishing Touches

You can accessorize black leather couches with decorative pillows or a throw in just about any color.

Black Leather Couches