Cheap Dorm Furniture

Michelle Radcliff
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If you have a college student in your family, finding cheap dorm furniture is a must. Decorating a dorm room can be fun. However, it also needs to be affordable.

Dorm Furniture Ideas

Most dorm rooms come equipped with very boring and unattractive furnishings. You will usually find a couple of twin beds, a couple of desks and a couple of chairs. It always helps a student feel more at home to add his or her own furnishings and decor.

Space is limited in a dorm room and on top of that you have to share it with another person. Keep this in mind when shopping for dorm room furniture. You will want functional furniture that works well in small spaces.


One cool idea for a dorm room is foam furniture. Foam furniture is lightweight, durable furniture made completely out of a sturdy yet flexible foam, with no wood or metal supports. There is no assembly required with this type of furniture. It ships completely assembled. To use it, simply take the piece out of the box, remove the plastic wrap and place it where you want it. This furniture is so lightweight that a young female student could easily carry her sofa up a flight of stairs without any help.

Foam furniture also comes with many convertible pieces such as sofas and chairs that have a section which flips out, providing extra seating or a place for guests to sleep. Parents can order foam furniture for their kids who are away at college and have it shipped directly to their campus.


Cheap futons make great piece dorm furniture. A futon will look more stylish than an ugly dorm bed. It can serve as a sofa for students and their friends during the day while providing a comfortable place to sleep at night .

Loft beds are very popular for college dorm rooms. You can get loft beds that have a desk underneath the bed. This can be a real space saver in a cramped dorm room. You can save even more money by purchasing a loft bed kit that comes with everything you need to build your own loft bed.

Dorm Room Accessories

In addition to finding inexpensive dorm room furniture, you should also look for dorm room accessories that can help your college student feel more at home.

  • Compact Refrigerator: One important accessory that any college student would appreciate having in his or her dorm room is a mini fridge. These handy little appliances come in many sizes and price ranges. You can find them online for under $50. You can also get a mini fridge with a small freezer compartment for under $150.
  • Kitchen Small Appliances: Appliances like small microwave ovens and a toaster ovens will allow college students to make simple meals right in their rooms. This will help save money by not eating out as much.
  • Dorm Room Safe: Every college student should have a dorm room safe. Many different kinds of safes are available for dorm rooms, including models that look like books and T-shirts.
  • Area Rugs: If your college dorm room has cold tile floors, make the room cozier with some cheap area rugs. You can find stylish area rugs that will not only add more color and texture to the room, they will also feel better under your bare feet.

Where to Buy Cheap Dorm Furniture

When looking for cheap dorm furniture, try your local thrift stores. Thrift stores are great places to find items such as bookcases, chairs, end tables, desks and lamps.

If you'd rather browse online for affordable dorm furniture, take a look at the following retailers:

Don't forget to try other sources for cheap furniture such as yard sales, thrift stores operated by charitable organizations and eBay.

Cheap Dorm Furniture