Cheap Japanese Platform Beds

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If you have limited space or love the look of minimalist, modern decor, consider opting for a cheap Japanese platform bed. This style of bed is a good option for space-saving, attractive and affordable bedroom furniture.

Finding Affordable Platform Beds

A cheap Japanese platform bed should equate to a low-cost, affordable bed, not a poor quality piece of furniture. Like all furniture, the cost of a platform bed will depend on the size of the bed and the material that it is made from.

It is possible to find twin size platform beds online for under $200. However, it may surprise you that you can also find queen-size platform beds for under $200. That price would be hard to beat with any other conventional style bed frames. Just keep in mind the prices are for the bed frames only and do not include the mattresses.

Lowest Cost Options

Materials for the lowest cost platform beds usually consist of plywood, wood veneers or composite wood mixed with solid hardwood pieces and metal frames such as steel. The following online retailers carry Japanese-style platform beds starting at under $200:

Higher Quality Choices

You can also find higher quality platform beds made entirely from solid hard woods such as oak, for under $1000. This is still a good price for a larger, quality made bed. However, your budget will determine what is or is not affordable for you. These retailers carry platform beds for under $1000:

Other online sources where you can find cheap platform beds include Amazon and eBay.

Additional Features

While most platform beds look similar because they are low to the ground, they do have different styles and features. Some platform beds have convenient storage drawers on each side of the bed. Some will also come with an attractive bookcase headboard with extra shelves for book or knick-knack storage. These extra features come in handy when space is limited.

Platform beds that have steel frames can be folded and stored away when not in use. Traditional Japanese beds were often picked up and put away when not in use, so the space that the bed was occupying could be used for other purposes.

Build Your Own

If you have your own set of woodworking tools and like do it yourself projects, you may want to consider building your own Japanese-style platform bed with DIY instructions. You may find that building your own platform bed will save you money over buying one. Other advantages of building your own bed include altering the size for a custom fit and adding your own custom embellishments.

Make the Most of Your Space with a Japanese Platform Bed

Japanese style platform beds allow you to make the most out of a small space while creating a harmonious, relaxing place of comfort in your home.

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