Patio Table Plans

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If you want a new table for outdoors and enjoy building your own furniture, make your own using patio table plans. Whether you are experienced at do-it-yourself home projects or are thinking about trying your hand at your first one, there are table plans for all skill levels.

Find Your Ideal Patio Table Plans

Whether you are looking for plans for a bistro table for two or a table that will comfortably fit eight, there are plans for many styles and designs offered on the Internet for free or at a very nominal cost.

Sawdust Making 101

Plans for a unique tile top patio table are offered from Sawdust Making 101. The top of the table is based on ceramic floor tiles that are 16 inches square. Complete instructions with photographs of the table in different stages of construction are included on the webpage.

American Woodworker

American Woodworker offers free plans for a very unusual sunburst pattern patio table. Measuring 44 inches across the top, the table has a beautiful radial sunburst design that is just stunning. With its sturdy construction the table is built to last for years. It comfortably seats four and has a center hole for a market or patio table umbrella. American Woodworker includes very detailed instructions for building this beautiful table. On the website are:

  • A link to a free seven-page downloadable PDF file with complete instructions and pattern board
  • Building tips and information
  • Photographs

American Woodworker also has very detailed instructions for a tile topped table similar to the one offered by Sawdust 101.


Plans for a beautiful octagon patio table set are available from Woodcraft for under $10.00. Measuring 55 inches across, the table easily seats eight or more using single seat stools and benches that seat two.

Woodcraft also offers plans for a lovely bistro table and stools for two. The overall dimensions of the table are 36 inches high, 34 inches wide and 34 inches deep. You have the option of ordering a set of paper plans priced under $11.00 or downloading a set of plans which is priced under $8.00.

The company also offers several other patio and picnic style table and bench sets at very affordable prices. Examples of the other outdoor table styles include:

  • A redwood picnic table set
  • A travel table and bench set
  • A hexagon table and bench set
  • An apple table and bench set
  • An Adirondack table
  • A children's octagon table

Wood Gears

A set of free plans for a very simple patio table is offered on Wood Gears. Included are:

  • A materials list
  • Instructions
  • Downloadable plans

A Table to Enjoy

Once you find the patio table plans you want to use and get the supplies you need, you will soon know the pleasure of building a table that will give you years of service. Each time you relax at the table to enjoy time with family and friends, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you built it yourself.

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