Picnic Table Kits

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From beautiful solid wood to durable resin, picnic table kits are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Find out more about building your own picnic table that will serve you and your loved ones for years to come.

A Fun and Simple DIY Project

Whether you are experienced at building home furniture or a novice to the world of do-it-yourself home projects, assembling a picnic table from a kit is a simple and enjoyable project that anyone will enjoy doing regardless of their do-it-yourself experience level. In fact, there is even a kit for a picnic table that only takes five minutes to put together and you do not need to use any tools.

Kits for picnic tables are available both on and off line. The types of the brick and mortar retailers that generally carry the kits are big box stores, home and garden centers and large general merchandise stores. Examples of the businesses that may carry picnic table do-it-yourself kits are:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Sears
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Agway
  • K Mart

Where to Find Picnic Table Kits Online

Kits for building your own picnic tables are available at many online etailers. The following is a small sampling of the online stores offering kits for these timeless outdoor tables.

Structural Resin Picnic Table Frame Kit from Amazon

There are several types of kits for picnic tables available from Amazon including one that is made of structural resin. Structural resin is a durable product that is maintenance free. With this kit, you must supply your own 2x4s for the lumber used in the picnic table set. Using your own 2x4s, you can build the picnic table and benches to any size you want up to eight feet in length.

The picnic table frame kit includes:

  • Hardware
  • Two end supports for the table
  • Two end supports for each bench (four total)
  • Complete instructions for assembly
  • A lifetime warranty

To assemble the picnic table set, the only tools you'll need are a saw and a powered screwdriver.

Home Products and More

Home Products and More offers a two-in-one kit that converts from a park bench to a raised tabletop and one bench. When you attach two of the park benches together they convert to a full picnic table with two bench seats. The two-in-one picnic table park bench kits do not include any lumber. Made of virgin polypropylene, the frames are strong and durable. The kits include:

  • Leg frames
  • Hinge brackets
  • All hardware

The Completed Picnic Table

Putting together picnic table kits is easy and fun, and any do-it-yourself enthusiast will definitely enjoy the project. Once the picnic table you choose is complete, family and friends can gather around it as they enjoy meals and good times for many years.

Picnic Table Kits