Corner Hutch for Dining Room

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When you have limited space, a corner hutch for dining rooms makes perfect sense.

Designed for Convenience

A corner hutch, also called a corner cabinet, is designed in a triangular shape with three sides. This type of furniture is specifically designed to fit into the corner of a room.

Many times, corners end up being wasted space. When you live in a small apartment or home, sometimes every inch counts. Small spaces are the perfect places to use a corner hutch or corner cabinet. These uniquely designed pieces of furniture can turn an unused corner into a lot of storage space.

Just because these corner cabinets are convenient, that does not mean they are unattractive. Many dining room corner hutches are beautiful and attractive pieces of furniture that can add class and elegance to your home.

Corner Hutch for Dining Room Styles

Finding the right corner hutch is a matter of finding the ideal style to match your personality and decor. Consider which style would fit into your home and lifestyle the best such as:

  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Cottage
  • Eclectic

If you prefer a more modern look, a contemporary corner hutch will fit in with many decorating styles. This could include any casual style such as tropical decor or minimalist style furniture like you would see in a Japanese home.

If you love the great outdoors and earthy elements in your decor, then a rustic style corner hutch might appeal to you. Southwestern furniture has a rustic look as well as lodge or cabin style furniture. Light colored cedar or other species of pine are often used to make rustic furniture.

Perhaps you are moved by the formal look of more traditional style furniture such as Victorian or Colonial. A corner hutch made in the traditional style would have a dark finish in a wood like cherry or mahogany and feature embellishments such as ornate carvings and crown molding.

A cottage style corner cabinet would appeal to the antique lover, one who appreciates the time-worn beauty of vintage treasures. This style of cabinet would have a light colored paint with a distressed finish.

For the creative, free-spirited decorator, an eclectic style corner hutch would fit amazingly well with the rest of their Art Deco inspired decor. You can turn a traditional or contemporary style corner hutch into an eclectic style hutch by stripping off the original finish and refurbishing the piece to fit your style.

Dining Room Corner Hutch Features

Other considerations when planning to purchase a corner hutch are the type of features you would like to have. Options may include:

  • Open shelves
  • Wood or glass doors
  • Interior lighting
  • Bottom drawers
  • Felt lined drawers or shelves
  • Mirrored back panels
  • Glass shelves

As you can see from the possible options, there is more to choosing a corner hutch for your dining room than just the style.

Where to Buy

It is always a good idea to browse for furniture online, even if you prefer to buy from a local store where you can see the furniture in person first. Looking at furniture online will give you a good idea of all the styles and types of furniture that are available. Shopping online might even give you the inspiration for a custom made piece of furniture. There are many different and beautiful options for corner hutches for the dining room. The following list shows a sampling of the diversity of styles available:

How to Build Your Own

If you are good at wood working, have your own set of tools, and like do it yourself projects, you can save a lot of money by making your own corner hutch for dining rooms instead of buying one. You can take a basic set of plans for making this type of furniture and then add your own embellishments such as crown molding, inlaid tile, felt lining or interior lighting. Plans are available online, such as this plan for an heirloom corner cabinet.

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