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If you want to save money, or if want unique furniture that expresses a style all your own, unfinished furniture may be a good option for you. With a little time and elbow grease, your unfinished furniture purchase can turn into something that showcases your personal design flair and fits into your décor seamlessly, because you create it.

What is Unfinished Furniture?

Unfinished furniture is wood furniture that is, as the name suggests, "not finished." The pieces come as a plain wood frame, ready for you to stain or paint as you see fit. You can get nearly every piece of furniture in an unfinished variety, from chairs to tables to shelves to bed frames. Some unfinished furniture pieces comes completely assembled, ready for you to being your work, and some unfinished furniture pieces require you to do some light assembly. Other stores offer pieces that are unfinished, but will finish them for you to your specifications.

Why Buy Unfinished Items?

So, why would you want to shell out your hard earned cash for a piece of furniture that you are going to have to do some work on before you can put it in your room? For one thing, if you are on a budget, unfinished furniture can save you some major cash. Unfinished furniture is significantly cheaper than "regular", finished furniture; sometimes as much as 50%, or even more, cheaper. When you need to decorate without breaking the bank, unfinished furniture might be just the ticket.

Another benefit of unfinished furniture is that is gives you a blank canvas to create the exact kind of furniture you are looking for. If you have a dining room set that you are having a hard time finding a hutch to match, you can invest in an unfinished hutch and match the stain yourself. You can also choose to paint your furniture in any color of your choosing, or even add stencils, faux finishes, or your own designs. Some finishing options for unfinished furniture include:

  • Cranberry red
  • White wash
  • Black satin
  • Antique oak
  • Golden oak
  • Shaker maple
  • Painted white

Because unfinished furniture does offer a blank canvas, it can be compatible with any style of furniture. However, it is particularly popular within Country style interior design, Log Cabin style interior design, and Country French style interior design.

Where To Buy

Refinishing a cabinet

Some traditional furniture stores offer unfinished furniture selections, and there are some stores that are dedicated to selling unfinished furniture. The following links will take you to some of the best places on the internet to get your unfinished furniture shopping started:

More Furniture Finishing Resources

For advice on staining and painting your unfinished furniture, give these sites a try:

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Unfinished Furniture